Handy Lawn Care Product: The Power Pruner

The power pruner is a particularly useful tool in that it offers both performance and safety advantages. Obviously, the power pruner is a must for those who work as arborists, but even the casual lawn owner should consider purchasing one. If you are tasked with pruning large quantities of trees and branches, the power pruner saves a great deal of time. Because they generally reach upwards of 12 feet, you can accomplish from the ground what you would otherwise need to reach with a ladder. Not having to climb a ladder is a major safety advantage, particularly on unstable ground, and you can cut vines or shorten tree limbs with relative ease.

One consideration that you have to bear in mind when looking at a power pruner is that they are not terribly precise. Therefore, if you only deal with small jobs and do not have hard-to-reach areas, you may be better served with a small hand pruner. Instead, the power pruner specializes in pruning vast amounts of branches in a short period of time. An effective approach might be to use the power pruner to trim the collection down to a reasonable size. Afterward, you can then finish the job with a smaller, manually-powered pruner. A rule of thumb is that with the power pruner, what you lose in precision you gain in power and versatility.

Another advantage to the new power pruners is that they are remarkably easy to maintain. Many of them come standard with an auto oiler that prevents oil from falling out, and lubrication is simple.

There are many benefits of pruning; it can prevent limbs from damaging your property, and trimming trees carries aesthetic benefits as well. Finally, operating a pruner will even improve arm strength! If you have a great deal of trees on your property, a power pruner is a valuable tool to consider.

power pruner

Power Pruner

Note: this post explains how to use a power pruner.

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