Houseplants That Help You Get A Good Night’s Sleep

Yes, it’s approaching winter.  And you probably don’t want to go outside to care for plants. But plants don’t only go outdoors. They’re a great way to spruce up your home and, believe it or not, help you get a good night’s sleep.

The fact that plants can help you sleep better should not be a surprise. We’ve done articles on houseplants that clean the inside air of toxins and allergens.

Some of the same plants that help clean the air will help you sleep. Here are seven examples of houseplants that help to ensure a restful sleep.

· Jasmine features little white flowers and an intense fragrance as well as a boost of oxygen that encourages restfulness and sleep. Grow the plant in a soilless potting mixture and install into a medium to large size pot. They thrive in full sunlight for at least four-to-five hours a day.

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· Gardenias offer a powerful fragrance that has a soothing effect. In fact, studies have shown that they have a similar effect as valium in relaxing the body and brain. It’s ideal for your bedroom and certainly beats taking sleeping pills.

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· Bamboo Palm removes trichloroethylene and benzene, two chemicals that are believed to cause respiratory problems. When you breathe better, you sleep better.

Bamboo Palm
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· Valerian is a favorite of a herbalist in treating insomnia as well as anxiety and over-excitement. The roots are often used as a component in mild sedatives. It’s the vanilla fragrance that helps to induce sleep. The plant favors exposure to the sun of about six hours a day and requires rich soil and a lot of water.

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· Honeysuckle offers a nice warm scent that gets more intense as dusk turns to night. Although it is believed that this plant is too large to grow indoors, but you can grow dwarf bush honeysuckle that fills out to a reasonable 4-feet tall. It flourishes in partial sunlight and shade. It is suggested that you grow next to a south or west-facing window so that it is exposed to at least 5 to 6 hours of sunlight. It favors slightly moist soil.

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· Rubber Tree Plant is another flora that cleans the air of formaldehyde and cleaner air translates to a restful slumber. This plant does best in indirect sunlight, especially in the afternoon.

Rubber Tree Plant
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· Peace Lily removes toxins as well as impurities and microbes that could disturb your sleep. This is considered to be a low maintenance plant and requires water when the top 2-inches of soil dries, about once a week. It also favors a shady location.

Peace Lily
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