How to Create A No Dig Garden

Creating a garden can be a strenuous achievement. So, strenuous, in fact, that some may forego the project. If for whatever reason the process of digging out turf, tilling dirt and adding soil might be an activity that is too strenuous for you, then there is the alternative of creating a no dig garden.

The no dig garden relies on straw bale and alfalfa hay to provide the surface from which plants can grow. Although it may take some time to create, a no-dig garden can be achieved without the muscle work required to make a garden bed.

The process only takes seven steps. The tools and materials you will need to perform the project include:

· A plot of land about 2.5-feet by 20-feet
· Newspaper
· A bale of alfalfa hay
· A bale of straw
· 15-pounds of bone meal
· 15-pounds of blood meal
· Seven bags of compost

The seven steps of the project include:

1. Select an area of your lawn to place the garden.
2. Level the area if necessary, lay down 10 to 20 layers of newspaper to inhibit the growth of weeds, and wet the paper.

3. Spread a light layer of blood meal and bone meal over the newspaper and wet again.

4. Lay down a layer of alfalfa and cover with another light layer of bone and blood meal, then wet again.

5. Lay down a layer of straw and top with another light layer of bone and blood meal and wet again.

6. Top with 2-inches to 4-inches thick of organic compost and wet.

7. Plant and watch your garden grow.

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