Importance of String or Line Trimmers In Lawn Care

Lawn mower easily comes to mind when we talk about lawn care. It’s quite understandable as lawn mowers are the primary and popular tools when it comes to gardening and lawn maintenance. We easily forget, however, that line or sting trimmers are such an important gardening tools in lawn care as well. They perform task that lawn mowers cannot do and made gardening less of a physically demanding activity and made it more of an enjoyable work to do.

Line trimmers are the tools of choice for cutting grass that your lawn mower is unable to reach. It is also ideal for edging as well as removing light bush. It reduces to mere minutes the tedious trimmings needed near fences, walkways, flowerbeds and trees leaving an impression of  a lawn that has been professionally maintained. Fresh-cut lawn looks beautiful and some trimming around the edges makes it look even better.


Get the most out of using your Trimmer.

The proper use of your line trimmer makes tending your lawn done quickly — and more safely. Here are some pointers to make the use of line trimmer a breeze and safe.

1.    Keep people and animals at least 15 meters away while you’re trimming. Clear the lawn of any debris like branches, trash, toys, wires, ropes or other debris that could get in your way or get caught in the trimmer line.

2.   Use protective clothing. Line trimmers make loud noise. Their fast-moving lines can fling objects at good distances with great force. The line itself is made of high-test nylon that can easily cut through the skin when in motion. It is for these reasons that you should always wear safety glasses, ear protection, safety gloves, long pants and boots. Besides shielding you from injury, protective clothing also protects you from poison ivy and other toxic plants your trimmer cuts and throws. You should wear face or dust mask if your trimmer kicks up a lot of dust.


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