Interesting Features to Consider for your Push Mower

Riding mowers get much of the attention for having option and features to be added on or selected, but these days, push mowers come with a wide variety of available features as well. What are some of the most intriguing choices of features or options for a new push mower?

Blade Brake Clutch

An expensive option that can add an extra hundred dollars on to the cost of a mower, the safety and convenience it provides might just be worth it. This feature allows the user to park the mower and disengage the drive system, and then stop the blade, but allows for the user to not have to kill the engine. This is particularly useful if you have a yard where you might encounter debris, furniture, or other obstacles while mowing.

Wash-Out Fitting

Having to turn over your mower is no longer an issue, especially good if you have one of the heavier units. A wash-out fitting allows you to connect the hose directly into the deck and flush the clippings out, with the help of gravity. Some units have screw-on fittings, others have snap-on fittings for faster and easier coupling.

Different-sized Wheels

By having smaller wheels in the front that turn on casters, you increase the maneuverability of your push mower. Tall or thick rear wheels will allow you to maneuver the push mower over rough services with a bit more ease. One disadvantage of these kinds of wheels is that they can make if difficult or even impossible to adjust the deck height of the mower, but they can take some of the stress out of mowing, as well as save you from injury due to straining to move or steer your push mower.

Different Starting Methods

The classic idea of priming the engine and yanking on a rope for ten minutes to start a balky push mower is gone. A variety of systems for starting are available, including turn-key ignition, easy-prime starting, and systems that eliminate the need for a choke. Top-of-the-line models might even have a combination system that covers some, if not all, of these bases.

Extra-Quiet Mufflers

Your neighbors will love it if you upgrade to one of the quieter mufflers on the market, some of which are available straight from the manufacturer on new models. These are particularly useful in suburban settings, where you might be in a duplex or extremely close to other houses.

So when you go looking at a new push mower, consider some of these option to make taking care of your lawn a bit easier. A little bit of cash now may save you plenty of time and effort over the long run.

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