Lawn Mower Parts – Oil Change

A simple oil change is one of the important contributory factors in maintaining your lawn mower engine’s optimum performance, preventing frequent lawn mower parts failures, and prolonging the productive lifespan of your lawn mower. Every time the lawn mower engine is running, several engine parts rub with each other at very fast pace that produces very high temperature due to friction. These parts would have been destroyed after several hours of continuous operation, but thanks to the engine oil, they can survive for several years.

What does the oil do to maintain the engine parts?

  • The oil lubricates the moving parts of the engine thereby greatly reducing overheating that may cause the parts to fuse together which will eventually lead to engine failure.
  • It removes impurities such as metal shavings and dirts around the engine that can damage the engine parts.

Changing the lawn mower oil is easy for those who are mechanically inclined. If you are not, then you are advised to have your lawn mower serviced by lawn mower professional service provider.

You must always consult your lawn mower manual to ensure that you are using the recommended oil and oil filter if applicable. You should also follow the recommended amount of oil needed. Too much oil is as bad as insufficient oil. Put the right amount as prescribed by the lawn mower manufacturer.

Change the lawn mower oil once every mowing season or every 50 h0urs whichever comes first. But as always, follow your owner’s manual.

Here are the basic steps in changing the push lawn mower

1.     Prepare the recommended oil, catch pan, new oil filter (if needed). See if the lawn mower has a drain plug. If not, determine which method you prefer to use in draining the old oil from the mower.

Tilt method – You may need to empty the gas tank as well because of the possibility of the fuel getting spilled.

Siphon/ Pump method – It is not necessary to empty the gas tank.

2.     Warm up the engine. It is easy to remove the oil when it is warm as it flows freely.

3.     Unplug the spark plug cable. This will prevent the engine from accidentally starting.

4.     Clean up around the oil fill area. Remove the dirt and debris that might get into the engine. Foreign matters that get in is bad for the engine parts.

5.     Drain the oil by removing the plug form the drain outlet ( if your model has one) or by siphoning or dumping it out. If you remove the oil either by dumping or through a drain outlet, it is always good to let all the oil oil drips out for a minute before putting the mower upright or putting the plug in.

6.     Replace the oil filter, if your model has one.

7.     Replace and tighten the drip plug or out your mower in an upright position. Put the fresh engine oil. Remember that over-filling the mower with oil is as bad as under-filling it. Follow your user manual regarding the amount of oil you need to put. Add engine oil gradually and stop a couple of times to check the oil level with the dipstick and stop when the oil reaches the “Full” line. This will prevent over and under-filling.

8.     Tighten the oil cap. Put gas, if needed. attach the spark plug cable. Your lawn mower oil change is now complete.

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