Making a Mini Greenhouse Using Picture Frames

In previous articles we have discussed how to heat a greenhouse and how to construct a mini greenhouse using plastic bottles and mason jars.

In this article we will discuss the construction of a mini greenhouse using picture frames.

What you will need to perform this build are:

· Four picture frames measuring 5-inches x 7-inches, two picture frames measuring 8-inches x 10-inches, and two picture frames measuring 11-inches x 14-inches.
· Sandpaper
· Screws
· Screwdriver
· Drill
· Mending plates
· 90° angle brace
· 2 1-inch utility hinges
· Plywood or foam
· Glue
· Nails

Frames are available at local drug stores, art stores, camera shops, or online from many different sources. In addition, used frames can be found at thrift shops including Goodwill.

A picture frame greenhouse can be made in five steps.

1. Form the structure. Take the glass out of the frames, and then align an 11-inch x 14-inch frame with an 8-inch x 10-inch so that the 11-inch and 10-inch sides touch and press the backside of the 10-inch frame against the outer edge of the 11-inch frame. Drill a small hole through the inside edges of the larger frame and halfway into the smaller frame to accommodate screws the size of the holes. Use the screws to join the pieces together. The combine frames should form a rectangle.

Form the structure. (Courtesy: Wikiphoto at Creative Commons)

Form the structure.
(Courtesy: Wikiphoto at Creative Commons)

2. Create the roof. Join the smaller 5-inch x 7-inch frames to serve as the roof. Attach them in twos and joint them to form a triangle roof. Include a hinge so that the greenhouse can be opened to water the plants inside. Place two of the 5-inch x 7-inch frames side-by-side with the short ends touching. Join them together by screwing 2-inch mending plates at each end of the joined edges. Do the same with the other 5-inch x 7-inch frames. Join the smaller frame structures to each other using a 90° angle along the long edge and screwing in a 90° angle brace to make them secure.

3. Fill and attach the roof. Place two 1-inch utility hinges evenly spaced along the edges to be joined and attach. Cut off material from the backing of the larger frame and use it to fill the triangular gaps. You can also use plywood, foam or another material to perform this task. Glue into place. Plywood can be nailed in if desired.



Construct the roof. (Courtesy: Wikiphoto at Creative Commons)

Construct the roof.
(Courtesy: Wikiphoto at Creative Commons)

4. Finish. Paint and decorate the sides and then reattach the glass to the frames. Paint before placing the glass. Replace the glass from the inside of the greenhouse. Use hot glue in the corners to secure the glass. Once all the glass is in place, seal their edges with more hot glue.

The finished greenhouse. (Courtesy: Wikiphoto at Creative Commons)

The finished greenhouse.
(Courtesy: Wikiphoto at Creative Commons)

5. Fill the greenhouse with plants.

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