Mowing Attire: What to Wear While Mowing?

The question of what to wear while mowing is a bit complicated because people approach mowing differently. For some, mowing the lawn is a form of leisure activity—a weekend ritual they look forward to all week. Meanwhile, those who mow lawns for a living are more likely to approach mowing with a greater sense of professionalism. Yet, regardless of how you view mowing, there are universal standards that must be adhered to when mowing. One of these concerns proper lawn mowing attire; below, we review proper mowing attire, as well as the potential hazards associated with wearing the wrong clothing.

Cardinal Rule of Mowing Attire: Cover Up

If you view lawn mowing as a form of leisure, your mowing attire might be casual—the sort of attire you’d wear sitting in front of the television. However, lawn mowing is serious business and you need to dress safely. Specifically, make sure that you keep your amount of exposed skin to a minimum; wear long sleeves or sweatshirts, and sandals should never be worn. Instead, footwear should always have a closed toe, and boots are most appropriate. To protect yourself from flying debris, it is also a good idea to wear goggles, although this is not as great of a necessity.

Wear ear protection

Those who mow lawns professionally understand the need for hearing protection. Even if you are just mowing a small lawn, though, it is still important to protect your ears. The OSHA recommends hearing protection for any noises greater than 85-90 decibels, and it is not uncommon for lawn mowers to cross this threshold. In fact, trimmers and chainsaws can reach 110 decibels.

Cordless electric mower

One handy way of cutting down on noise level is to purchase a cordless electric mower. These are expensive but also significantly quieter, producing noise levels of around 55-60 decibels—basically the same as a normal conversation.


This is How You Should Dress While Mowing

Whichever mower you use, make sure that your mowing attire protects your body. Lawn mowing may be a source of entertainment, but you still need to acknowledge the threat of injury and save yourself from harm.



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