Pet Safety in Gardening

Gardens are pretty to have, aren’t they? Of course they are! They add color and attraction to an otherwise somewhat dull lawn. With summer around the corner and daylight more prevalent, many people want to spend as much time as they can outside, especially with their kids and pets. However, many yard particles and insecticides are harmful to pets and can cause irreparable damage and even death. Specifically, common plants and shrubs that we don’t think twice about are toxic if our pet ingests them, and if our pet even comes into brief contact with a plant that’s poisonous, the side effects can be even more dangerous. Not only is ingestion or contact something to worry about, but also watch out for twigs, branches or thorny bushes that can cut through your pet’s fur, as well as cause allergies. It’s also important to not use chemicals for fertilizers or other pesticides, as there are organic and earth-friendly alternatives that aren’t harmful to your family or pet. Also, create a boundary for your pet that only they can walk in; create this boundary with a fence, or the old-fashioned method, teach them. Lastly, always provide shelter and water for your pet during warm, summer months, so that they won’t get overheated or exhausted. Read more..

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