Preparing Your Lawn for Vacation

In July and August, many lawn owners decide to go on vacation, and why not? The summer months are ideal for families to go on vacation, before the kids have to go back to school and start their fall sports. When planning your vacation, however, it’s absolutely important that you don’t forget about your lawn. After all, if you leave your lawn unattended you will basically undo all of the hard work that you’ve put into your lawn all year. Of course, preparing your lawn for a vacation depends in large part on the length of your absence. In this post, we explain how you can leave your lawn in good shape so that it is not suffering when you return.

Don’t Let Your Lawn Get Overgrown When You Go on Vacation

Mow before you leave

Because it will be awhile before your lawn gets mowed again, it’s especially important that you mow the night before you leave for vacation. The amount of grass you cut should depend on the length of your vacation. If you will be gone for one week or less, there is really no need to adjust your mowing height. On the other hand, if you will be gone for more than a week, drop the blade one setting lower than usual—this will keep your lawn from looking overgrown when you return. When you do return, raise the blade two notches, as this keep you from taking too much off and scalping your lawn upon your return.

Don’t forget to water

Watering your lawn is also necessary before leaving on vacation. Water the lawn the day before, but make sure that you water after your lawn has been mowed; you wouldn’t want to mow after it’s just rained, so make sure that you follow the same logic when watering.

Other tasks

There are a number of other lawn care tasks to complete before you take off for vacation. Make sure to inspect your lawn for insects and diseases. Spray any weeds with a selective herbicide, and you will also want to trim any plants that need grooming. It is also a good idea to mulch, as this will help your soil retain water and go a long way toward ensuring that weeds do not develop.

Neglecting your lawn while on vacation creates all sorts of problems. An overgrown lawn basically advertises that you are not home, increasing the risk of robbery. If you know that you will be gone for an extended period of time, it’s also always a good idea to find a friend or close neighbor to mow and water your lawn while you are away. In any event, following the advice given in this post will keep your lawn healthy and thriving while you enjoy your summer vacation.

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