Selecting a Lawn Care Service Provider

If you don't have time to care for your lawn you can hire someone to do it. (Courtesy: Margaret Stanks at

If you don’t have time to care for your lawn you can hire someone to do it.
(Courtesy: Margaret Stanks at

Between the job, spouse, kids, friends, hobbies, and time to themselves many people just don’t have the time to care for their lawn. Don’t fret. There are actually companies that provide the service for you. The problem is to find the firm that will provide the services that you want and need.

Before doing your due diligence to find the correct lawn care service provider, there are some things that you need to know first. For example, a company will not provide everything that is necessary for the proper care of your lawn. You need to find out what specific services a provider will perform. Getting involved with this type of business means that the company will have certain responsibilities and you are expected to fulfill other responsibilities.

There are lawn care providers who have developed and will carry out an organic program of care and there are companies that have developed and will implement a traditional fertilizer program of care. Whichever concept the provider offers, you will also have your own set of responsibilities. Engaging one or another provider means that you have formed a team consisting of yourself and the company.

The provider’s responsibilities may include fertilizing, weed control and perhaps insect and disease control. Your responsibilities will be watering; mowing, and seeding bare areas when needed.

Another provider may define their responsibility as mowing and raking away debris, but not fertilizing or weed control. Yet, you will still be responsible for watering; mowing and seeding.

As you can see, the very first things you need to know is what exactly will the provider do. The bottom line is to have a full understanding of what each member of the team is supposed to do and then work together toward the same goal –- creating a beautiful, lush lawn.

So know what lawn or landscape care service the provider will offer. Make sure that the provider understands the level of care and management you want. If you don’t know this, then ask several companies what services they offer.

Once you decide the service you want, get estimates of the cost from two or three companies that offer the service. When you choose the provider get a written service agreement. Find out if the service is renewed each year and if it is, then request an annual written confirmation. In addition, find out how you cancel the service so that you know how to do it if that becomes necessary. Ask if there are any penalties you will have to pay for cancelling.

Many companies will do a free on-site landscape evaluation of your property to determine any problems, how much maintenance will be required and for pricing. If a company representative does not include an evaluation, then ask for it.

Ask the companies you are considering if they are insured and a member of a trade association, and ask to see proof.

Ask them to tell you what lawn care chemicals they intend to use on your lawn and why and also find out if the person who will be applying the pesticides is a licensed commercial pesticide applicator or will be working under the supervision of one.

Determine if the companies offer a particular service as an option. Such services can include:

· Grub control
· Coring/aerification
· Dethatching
· Spot re-seeding or re-sodding
· Total lawn renovation
· Soil testing
· Lime application
· Mowing

Check into the company. Get in touch with your state university cooperative extension service and the Better Business Bureau to see if there have been any complaints against them.

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