Ten Minutes to a Better Lawn

Father and son walking on a lawnLawn care does not have to be a lengthy and laborious process. If you’ve got ten minutes on a nice day, you’ve got enough time to do some quick lawn maintenance that can make a major difference. These ten minutes can help you plan better for days when you have more time to spend in your lawn. They can also be a great time to get the kids out into the yard for some family time and to get them involved. Here are things to look for during your quick stroll.


If you see a few weeds, go ahead and take the time to pull them right away. If you see more than a few, make a note of it. If you’ve got your kids out for the stroll with you, make a game of it – offer a prize to the one who spots the most weeds.


You should only worry about directly watering your lawn when it clearly needs it, and a brief stroll around the lawn can tell you if it’s time for a watering or not. Look for brittle or off-color grass, which should only crop up during the winter or a full-blown drought.


Again, look for young weeds that can be pulled before they have a chance to root. Garden runners are a big one, and if you catch them when they are young, you can pull them right out of the ground without worry that they might come back.


If you use timed pop-up sprinklers or automatic sprinklers, make sure they are clear of grass and extra soil that could divert the spray or clog the heads. Not only can a clogged sprinkler keep your lawn from receiving water, it can also be the cause of expensive repairs in extreme cases.

Lawn Pests

Grab some basic pest control before the walk and, if you see evidence of damaging lawn pests, give it a quick shot for the time being and make a note of it for a later point when you have plenty of time. Armyworms and ants can often be defeated with just a quick spray, so do that and check back later, you may not even need to set aside extra time.

If you do this on a regular basis, you may find that you need to devote less time in large blocks on the weekend towards taking care of your lawn, meaning you’ll have more time to spend with friends and family. Not only is taking a ten-minute walk good for your lawn, it’s good for your life.

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