The Slow Drip Irrigation System

In this age of environmental awareness, the slow drip irrigation system has really caught on as a superior method for watering lawns and flower gardens. Without a doubt, there is good reason for this. In the interest of saving water and preserving natural resources, people will go to whichever lengths possible to protect the environment, and the slow drip irrigation system is vastly superior to watering your lawn with a garden hose or sprinkler system. Below, we review the benefits of the slow drip irrigation system and also provide some helpful hints to assist you in the event that you decide to set up a slow drip irrigation system on your lawn.

Drip Irrigation is Great for Your Lawn and for the Envrionment

Why slow drip irrigation is so efficient

Slow drip irrigation uses plastic pipes to transport low-pressure water flow directly to the plants. Where a sprinkler system or garden hose covers a broad area that includes but is not limited to the region you want to water, the slow drip system is much more direct and therefore does not waste water. It is much slower than a sprinkler, which also limits the amount of overwatering that takes place. Because sprinklers and hoses shoot out water at such a great pace, they tend to over-hydrate your lawn and soil, which not only wastes water but is not healthy for your lawn. The slow drip system therefore offers the ideal mixture between air, water, and soil, giving your lawn and garden the equilibrium it needs to grow most effectively.

Disadvantages of the slow drip irrigation system

The main disadvantage  is that because the end cap is kept so close to the soil, it is difficult to actually notice if the slow drip system begins to malfunction. Also, because the slow drip irrigation system offers low-pressure, it is not well-equipped to water large trees or other such vegetation.

Tips for an effective slow drip system

When setting up your slow drip system, remember that you don’t need to set it up in the ground. You can connect it to a pump or faucet as well. In any event, be sure to filter the water in order to keep algae and such debris out. In addition, you should also invest in a pressure regulator to make sure that your pressure is appropriate. Finally, in order to ensure that household water does not get tainted, it is crucial to remember to use backflow prevention.

The slow drip irrigation system is simple to install and great for your lawn and garden. They also offer environmental advantages, so installing one is one of the smartest changes you can make to your lawn this summer. For more tips on the slow-drop irrigation system visit this site.


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