2018’s Top Garden Apps

Periodically we have included within the digital pages of Lawneq suggestions of garden apps that will help gardeners better manage their gardens. Here are some newer garden apps to consider now that we’re close to one quarter into 2018.

New garden apps for smartphones are available for 2018.
(courtesy: Joao Paulo Cortapasso at flickr.com)

GrowIt is like gardeners version of Facebook. It helps you connect with a community of gardeners who share photos and research.
myGarden Answers is one of the most popular gardening apps because it helps gardeners solve problems. For example, if you don’t know what a particular plant is, point your smartphone toward the plant in question and click. Now you do know what it is. In addition, if you need help concerning a particular pest that is tormenting your garden, you can use the app to seek out advice from experts.
Iscape is a landscape design app that assists you in planning out an outdoor space. It shows you how it will look in 3-D and create a shopping list of plants involved in your design. A drag and drop design format allows you to create a hardscape, then add plants and lighting. Only available for IOS.
LeafSnap is an app that identifies what type of tree you are looking at. Available for IOS only.
SmartPlant is a great app that reminds gardeners what needs to be done in the garden including fertilizing, when to water, etc. The app have an extensive database and features that permit you to add more plants to it including a camera to photograph the plant and the ability to read a barcode at a gardening retailer. The app than creates a care calendar and then sends you reminders specific to the plant you added. The app also permits you to chat with experts about specific issues and get advice.

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