2019 Gardening Trends

It appears that gardening has become a thing to do for Millennials. According to Garden Research, an organization that was once part of the National Gardening Association, discovered in a national survey in 2018 that the Millennial generation, people in the age range of 18-to-34 years old, has reached an all-time high in pursuing the hobby of gardening. Believe it or not, males specifically in that age group are taking up the hobby.

What trends are they setting for gardening in the new year of 2019?

Assimilating New Technologies Into Gardening

2019 gardening trends the younger set is involved in includes new technologies used to maintain their gardens. This includes more use of aerial photography, smart controllers, and smartphone apps.

Lawneq have already done a number of stories on the apps that include the capability of identifying insects, diseases, and plants. The new technologies are making it easier for all who garden to maintain things easier and more efficiently.

2019 gardening trends also include more use of battery-powered equipment when it comes to maintaining a property’s landscape. This specific type of equipment is becoming more popular because of noise and pollution ordinances that many municipalities are passing.

Low-Maintenance Landscape

It appears that the younger set and even older gardeners are finding that they don’t have the time to pursue high maintenance care of their gardens. This is resulting in more people opting for more low-maintenance design landscapes or they are hiring professionals to perform the maintenance.

According to professional landscapers, 2019 gardening trends include more and more homeowners looking to customize their landscape program. The homeowners are willing to do the mowing, but they are leaving the pruning, mulching and other garden care activity to professionals.

Pollinator Gardens

Millennials are concerned about the ecosystem and advocate the creation of gardens that enhance pollination. It seems that more gardeners, Millennials as well as the older set, are more inclined to create pollinator habitats for butterflies, bees, or general wildlife.

Asymmetrical Designed Landscape

Millennials are influencing trends for 2019 to include landscape that features asymmetrical design. This plan tends to employ a more natural feel that appears more casual and easier to maintain. The style seems to work best in spaces that are less structured.

This does not mean that you can’t have any symmetry in your landscape design. However, it should be less obvious.

It appears that 2019 gardening trends show Millennials favor a nontraditional landscape and diversity of plants. Professional landscapers suggest that this form of landscaping should include the use of irrigation root zones. That means that plants should be collected into groups depending on their water needs.

Secluded Spaces Incorporated Into A Landscape

There is not necessarily a desire for spaces that concentrate on entertaining guests and family members. Instead, the trend is to have smaller spaces for retreat, quiet places where homeowners can relax, read or calm oneself.

The space commonly includes seating for two people, lush plants surrounding the area and creating a sense of privacy using a wall or tall narrow plants that provide a privacy screen.

Creating Focal Points

Of course, some structures on a property are necessary. These would include sheds, walls, an air conditioner installed on a side of the house, etc. Millennials are helping to create a trend of making these points beautiful by incorporating them into the landscape.

For example, if you have a pool on your property, then you can create a rustic pool house using such materials as rough barn wood or antique iron gates. Re-create an existing old stable into an outdoor dining pavilion. Use a kit such as an Amish-crafted Colonial Gable Greenhouse to serve as a backyard shed.

Include Unexpected Things In Arrangements

You can, for example, include sticks, leaves, dried seed heads, or fruits in arrangements.

Including Food In The Landscape

2019 gardening trends show more and more homeowners wish to control what they eat and that also includes growing what they eat themselves. You’d be surprised how many vegetables you can grow in a small space.

Some ways to incorporate growing food into your property includes:

  • Plant ornamental edibles that can be a part of your current planting design.
  • Hanging planters from your home’s eaves or in front of a kitchen window.
  • Growing herbs in vertical planters hung on walls.

Some of these ideas that have developed from the minds of Millennials are great ideas for gardeners whatever their age.

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