Weird Gardening Tricks

There are times when life can be weird. There are also times when gardening can be weird, too.

Consider these weird gardening tricks next time you refine your garden.

Use Cola To Help Azaleas Grow

1) I’ve always been told that drinking too much cola is not good for you. However, cola can be an ideal ingredient to assist azaleas to grow. In fact, the plants come up strong. Just pour 4 ounces of cola into the soil, and azaleas will start growing more efficiently. Moreover, you don’t need to use the expensive variety. Any cola will do.

Grow A Rose Bush In A Potato

2) Simply take the trimmings from a rose bush that you have just pruned and stick them into potatoes. Believe it or not, a rose trimming stuck into a potato is much easier to plant than a large rose bush. All you need to do is dig a small hole in the soil and stick the potato hosting the rose trimmings into the hold and cover it up. Now simply follow the rules that you would if you had planted the actual rose bush.

A Diaper In A Potted Plant

3) It isn’t strange for new parents to have an overabundance of diapers. If you have too many for the baby, simply put one in the bottom of a pot and install soil and a plant over it. The diaper soaks up excess moisture that the plant creates. So you are less likely to over-water the plant. In addition, the plant is actually healthier and can grow faster. Oh, one more thing. The plant smells fresher.

Use Corks To Space Out Plants

4) Save the corks from emptied out wine bottles. They are the perfect size to space out the flora you plant. Screw several corks onto a board and space them out however you wish. Use the board to push into the ground to create perfect holes in which you can install plants.

Rid Fungus From Your Garden With Cinnamon

5) There are times when you may want to move a plant from one part of your garden to another. You definitely don’t want fungus to grow on the moved plant. To avoid the issue, simply dip the root of the plant into cinnamon. It helps prevent fungus from invading the garden and assures that the plant stays healthy.

A Small Tin Filled With Beer Kills Snails And Slugs

6) Collect shallow disposable tins, pour a little beer into them and place near dahlias, vegetables and any other plants. The beer attracts snails and slugs and they crawl into the brew and drown. To outsmart the little critters, bury the edges of the tin in the soil next to the plant.

Homemade Bug Repellent

7) Collect bugs from your garden and then liquefy them in a blender filled with one part water to two parts bugs. Strain off the liquid that results put it into a spray bottle and use it as an insecticide.

Toss In An Egg

8) Put a whole egg into a container garden before placing in dirt and plant. The egg will decompose slowly and release much needed fertilizer.

Don’t Waste Hard-Boiled Egg Water

9) Instead of throwing out the water you use to make hard-boiled eggs, save it, let it cool and pour it into your vegetable garden. It provides additional calcium to the veggies.

Tire Gardening

10) Use tires as a free container to shape the plants in your garden. Cut the outer rim of the tire with a utility knife, form the tire into an “O” and pile the treads on top of one another to form containers. Tires can be used to contain potatoes and other rooted plants. The tire offers plenty of growth room and the black surface provides warmth for the plants.


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