The Kubota SZ Series stand on lawn mower.

Advantages, Disadvantages Of Stand On Lawn Mowers

Back in January 2019 we published an article that described a new Kubota stand on lawn mower. Many professional landscaping companies use a stand on lawn mower to perform some of their workload. Is a stand on lawn mower something that a homeowner should consider using?

The Kubota SZ Series stand on lawn mower.

Advantages Of Stand On Lawn Mowers

As mentioned, landscapers commonly use stand on lawn mowers, especially those who work in metropolitan areas where clients have smaller, highly landscaped properties.

A major benefit of the machine is that it is easy to maneuver through very tight spaces. It also manages hillside terrain well and it offers the operator great visibility as he works the machine in and around landscape obstacles.

In addition, the stand on lawn mower can mow fast in open areas. These machines compare well to the compact mid-mount zero turn rider mowers because they feature floating decks and more engine power.

Stand on lawn mowers come in two styles – fixed-deck and floating-deck. The fixed deck stand on lawn mowers offers a lower price point, which can help entice one to choose them over a traditional walk-behind mower. A stand on lawn mower with a floating-deck may also feature a wider cut width and higher horsepower engine, enticing one to buy it over a ride-on mower.

Furthermore, stand-on lawn mowers assist in cutting down unproductive time because you can quickly step on and off them and they permit the operator to readjust their position to reduce stiffness.

They are also more compact than ride-on mowers and so they can easily be loaded onto a trailer. They are lighter than a zero turn rider mower and it is easier for the operator to adjust their position, moving their center of gravity, an ideal feature when mowing on slopes. And, because they are lighter, they won’t create ruts on certain lawns.

Disadvantages Of Stand On Lawn Mowers

Stand-on lawn mowers commonly have slower ground speed and require the operator to stand throughout the mowing process. In addition, because they are so compact, they are more difficult to service than a sit-down zero-turn mower.

Stand-on lawn mowers cannot carry a high capacity bagger as easily as a zero turn mower and zero turn mowers have a wider footprint than stand-on lawn mowers, assisting in achieving better stability.

In addition, the size of the stand-on lawn mower reduces its capability of carrying more tools, features and aftermarket accessories.

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