Alternative Power Sources

With environmental awareness now a visible component of today’s society, people are making every effort to reap the benefits of alternative power-sourced items. Here are some strategies you can use to be more energy efficient:

  • Use Cleaner-Burning Engines: This is one of the easiest alternative power changes you can make to be more environmentally conscious. You should also make sure to buy mowers with an electric starter, as this will save you a good deal of money on fuel and maintenance.
  • Natural Gas Mowers: Natural gas mowers are cleaner-burning than gasoline or diesel engines. They don’t use up as much gas and require less-frequent oil changes (although you should still change your oil as directed by the engine manufacturer.) You should also make sure to fuel with compressed natural gas.
  • Electricity: Those who do not put much strain on their lawn mowers will find great value in electric fuel as an alternative power source. With electric fuel, mowers are quieter and require very little maintenance. They are also more reliable than mowers that use gas. However, buyers should bear in mind that electric fuel is not especially powerful and cannot be operated for more than 75 minutes at one time. While electricity is not up to the demands of commercial lawn-care businesses, they work just fine at home and are a great alternative power source.
Can you mow in the cold?

Electric Mower

As a final note, you should make sure that your mower can handle alternative fuel before making the switch to an alternative power source! When in doubt, check with a lawn care professional and get their recommendation for which alternative power source is most suitable for your lawn mowing needs. Make sure to also investigate any rebates that might be available for alternative fuel, as many areas offer financial incentives on alternative energy.



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