Budget Buying: Push Mowers for Under $600

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This week, we’ve raised our budget a little, but we’re still looking at push mowers. With a budget of $600, you can afford the majority of consumer push mowers on the market, as well as a handful of professional quality push mowers. Of course, just because you have a bigger budget doesn’t mean you have to spend that full amount on a new mower.

Gasoline Powered Push Mowers

The options and technology available within this budget is pretty awesome. One mower that takes advantage of that is Cub Cadet SC500Z. It has swiveling front wheels to make turning super easy, and its self-propelled drive system has six speeds to allow you to adjust for terrain and personal preference. The 21-inch deck can mulch, bag to the rear, or discharge to the side. The 159cc engine features a 3 year guaranteed-to-start warranty. The handle is padded, and ergonomically designed for comfort when working in the yard for a long period of time. Best of all, it comes in well under budget, at an MSRP of $449.00.

Toro Recycler 20319
If you want to push your budget, all the way to the $599.99 point, the Toro Super Recycler 20381 featured at right is the Cadillac of push mowers. It is self-propelled, and features the Personal Pace system that automatically adjusts the self-propelling to your walking pace, as you go. This is perfect if you have a lawn with slopes or difficult terrain that requires you to change your walking pace. The 159cc engine features Auto-Choke, meaning you don’t need to prime or choke the engine before trying to start it. The engine also features a 5 year guaranteed-to-start warranty. The cast aluminum 21-inch deck is durable, and features the Super Recycler blade system that chops grass into a very fine mulch.

Electric-Powered Push Mowers

With a good-sized budget like this, you’re able to cut the cord – there’s no reason to be tethered to outlets. The EGO 20-inch 56-Volt Lithium-ion 3-in-1 Cordless Lawn Mower is the most powerful electric mower on the market, capable of chewing through anything a lawn can throw at it. The battery provides 45 minutes of run time, and only needs 30 minutes of charging from empty. It provides the same mulching, bagging, and discharging possibilities as premium gas push mowers. It is a simple push button start, and folds up after usage for compact storage. You pay for the power, at $499.00, but it’s worth knowing that it can charge through your gnarliest patches of grass.

If you have a larger lawn and still want an electric mower, the Ryobi 20-inch 40-volt Brushless Mower with 2 Batteries is able to tackle up to an acre. This is thanks to two batteries that each have 45 minutes of run time, and can be swapped out. With a 90 minute charge time, you can cover up to an acre without drawing your mowing day out too long. It’s not the most powerful motor on the market, but the fact that you can handle a large lawn all in one go is what puts it high on our list – we don’t like making our mowing day any longer than necessary. This convenience comes with a convenient price tag of $399.00

Working with a larger budget allows you to find mowers with much better, user-friendly features. With this sort of budget, you can find the push mowers that fit your needs with no trouble at all.

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