Time to Prepare For Snow

Bioswale for runoff

Snow is on the way, picture courtesy Flickr user John Talbot

As we are well into November, each passing week brings more likelihood of snow falling. This means you need to start prepping for snowfall as soon as possible – being caught unaware can be a source of irritation and frustration.

Stow Your Gear

You might need to keep your mower, lawn trimmer, and leaf blower on hand. The lawn still might grow, and leaves will fall. On top of that, the leaf blower can do double duty as a method of clearing light snowfall. There’s plenty you’ll need to take care of to make winter chores easier.

  • Cover or Put Away Your Lawn Furniture: Snow and winter weather can damage your furniture. It can cause paint to crack and peel, and metal to rust. If you can store it in a garage, shed, or other sort of storage unit, that’s the best option. The second-best option is to squeeze it all into a tight spot, and cover it with a tarp. Make sure to clean it first.
  • Clean Your Grille and Store It: Putting a dirty grille away for winter will only cause it to be more of a problem to open
  • Empty Your Fluids: Turn off the water going to hoses and sprinklers and clear them out. Winterize your pool as well. If water freezes in the hose or sprinkler unit, it can cause them to burst and break, meaning you’ll need to replace them come spring.

Check Your Stocks

It’s probably been eight months since you took a look at your winter goods and gear. You’ll need to make sure you’ve got everything you need to handle the first snowfall – gas and oil for your snow blower, ice melter for your paths and hardscaping. While you’re at it, make sure you’ve got enough firewood or other fuel source for your stove if you’ve got one – you’ll want to make sure you’ve got a warm house to come back into after clearing snow.

Bring Out and Prep Your Equipment

Making sure your winter and snow clearance equipment is ready to go will get you off on the right foot.

  • Snow Shovels: Make sure the handles are in one piece and not cracked. The same goes for the blade. Having a shovel that breaks in the middle of clearing snow can cause tons of frustration.
  • Snow Blower: Snow blowers need lots of maintenance – we’ve covered that subject before.
  • Salt Spreader: Whether you are using a fertilizer or seed spreader in a double-duty role, or you have a specific spreader, make sure it’s ready to drop down de-icer.
  • Winter Clothing: You weren’t planning on shoveling in jeans and sneakers, were you? Make sure you have a sturdy work jacket, thick and durable work gloves, and some warm and waterproof boots. A nice knit hat will keep your head and ears warm as well.

So take this weekend to prepare for the winter weather that is rapidly approaching. It might not be your idea of a fun weekend, but when the first few inches fall, you’ll appreciate it.

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