Budget Buying: Riding Mowers under $8,000

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Now that we’ve gotten beyond a budget of $6,000, we’ll have to start looking at a larger range at a time. After all, someone who is willing to pay $6,999 for a new mower isn’t likely to flinch at that same unit being priced at $7,199.

John Deere X534

John Deere X534

John Deere X534

When it comes to making high-end riding mowers and lawn tractors, no one has as long a history as John Deere. The X534 is one of their more recent offerings, and it features some of the latest technologies developed at Deere. One of its best features is four-wheel steering, which allows the X534 to maneuver with a turning radius that is only half of what a conventional two-wheel steering mower has. It comes with a 24-horsepower V-Twin engine, heavy-duty frame, and the easy-to-use Twin Touch foot controls for the hydrostatic transmission. The cost of these features pushes the Deere to the upper end of the budget range, with an MSRP of $7,799, but also makes it a very formidable lawn tractor.

Husqvarna P-ZT54

With commercial-level features such as a commercial-quality Hydro-Gear ZT3400 transmission and heavy duty 2-inch by 3-inch tubing made from 11-gauge steel, the P-T54 zero-turn mower still manages to hang in the residential price range. The Kawasaki engine moves the Husqy at up to 10 miles per hour, while the 54-inch deck provides a decent width for large properties. The deck also features 17 adjustment points for height, and is made of 10 gauge steel for durability. Fitting in under budget at an MSRP of $7,699.95, the P-ZT54 is not the showiest of the bunch, but it is a solid choice.

Simplicity Prestige with 50-Inch Deck

Simplicity builds solid, functional lawn mowers, but beyond that, they are also consistently developing new technology for the sector. The Prestige shows off some of that, with the SCS-4 suspension that reduces impact on the operator. This suspension also steadies the mower deck, allowing for clean and consistent cutting at speeds up to 8 miles per hour. The Prestige also features four-wheel drive, as well as an Automatic Controlled Traction system and power steering, to make it a breeze for users to operate. With a price near the top of the budget of $7,899, you should expect nothing less.

Dixie Chopper Magnum 2460R

Billed as “The Worlds Fastest Lawn Mower,” Dixie Chopper is an aggressive brand that deals in high-residential and commercial mowers. This is their first mower featured in our series of articles, and it is one of their least expensive. Powered by a 24-horsepower Kawasaki engine, this mower totes a 60-inch deck and can tackle up to 4 acres in an hour comfortably. It is a fairly compact unit as well, so it won’t take up too much space in the garage. With an MSRP of $6,999, this sits right in the middle of the budget, and is a great choice for homeowners who need a lot of property done fast, and aren’t worried about frills.

Kubota Z724

Kubota Z724KH-48

Kubota Z724KH-54

Another company that hasn’t been brought up before in our series, Kubota earned its reputation in the fields, with farm and construction equipment that has a history of reliability. They bring the same quality to their smaller lawn and garden equipment. The deck is 6″ deep, and is constructed with 7 gauge steel – the only model in this budget range to use such thickness. The Quick Dial Height Adjustment system makes it quick and easy to move the deck’s cutting height up and down as needed. It also has one of the best-designed operators stations in the budget as well, from the 19.6-inch, thickly padded seat to the ergonomically sound dashboard. While Kubota does not disclose an MSRP, this model can often be found starting at $7,999, at the very top of this budget. That being said, we feel it is the best mower you can get at this budget.

Next week we hit five digits, as we take a look at the best buys with a budget of $10,000.

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