Changing The Transmission Fluid On A Kubota Tractor

Just as it is imperative that you maintain the family car so that it runs well, the same is the case for your Kubota tractor. One of the most important maintenance chores as far as the tractor is concerned is regularly changing the transmission fluid.

Changing the transmission fluid of a Kubota tractor is an essential part of good maintenance.

Keeping a Kubota tractor well maintained including changing the transmission fluid regularly is paramount for optimum performance.

If you are a skilled farmer, then you probably also have the skills to replace  the transmission fluid. To make the task a bit easier here are step-by-step instructions.

Take Precautions

Any time you are involved in maintaining a motor vehicle you should be cautious. It is advised that you wear protective gloves and glasses when performing the task.

It should also be understood that the transmission on a Kubota tractor includes two draining plugs –- one on the right side of the tractor and one on the left. To ensure that the transmission is fully drained, you must unplug the drained plug on both sides of the tractor.

What You Need To Perform The Task

• Protective gloves
• Protective glasses
• Kubota Super Universal Dynamic Transmission fluid
• Clean rag
• Catch pan
• ½-inch-drive breaker bar
• A socket
• Funnel


1. Park the tractor on a level surface.
2. Put the transmission gear shifter into gear so the tractor doesn’t roll.
3. Locate the transmission dipstick near the seat.
4. Pull out the dipstick and wipe it with a clean rag, then set it aside.
5. Locate the front transmission case drain plug under the center of the tractor directly below the front driveshaft.
6. Slide the catch pan under the drain plug and remove it with a ½-inch-drive breaker bar and a socket.
7. Let all of the fluid drain out.
8. Re-place the plug and tighten.
9. Locate the drain plug of the transmission on the lower side of the PTO shaft.
10. Slide the catch pan under the plug.
11. Use the ½-inch drive breaker bar and socket to loosen and remove the plug.
12. Allow all the fluid to drain out and then reinsert the plug and tighten it.
13. Locate the drain plug on the left side transmission case underneath the left-side axle housing.
14. Place the catch pan under this plug.
15. Remove the plug with the breaker bar and socket.
16. Drain the transmission fluid and then reinsert the plug and tighten it.
17. Locate the drain plug on the right side of the transmission case.
18. Place the drain pan under the plug.
19. Remove the plug with the breaker bar and socket.
20. Allow the fluid to drain out, then reinsert the plug and tighten it.
21. Pull the catch pan from under the tractor.
22. Locate the transmission case fill plug near the transmission case dipstick.
23. Put the funnel into the fill hole.
24. Pour 3.8-galons of tractor transmission fluid into the funnel.
25. Reinsert the plug and tighten it.
26. Reinsert the dipstick.
27. Turn on the engine and let it run for a few minutes.
28. While the engine is running, raise and lower the three-point hitch up and down to get the fluid into all the appropriate areas of the transmission.
29. Turn the engine off and let it cool down for about two minutes.
30. Pull out the dipstick to check the transmission fluid level. The fluid level should be at the full mark of the dipstick.
31. Reinsert the dipstick.

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