Cool Gadgets That Make Gardening Easier

Some people with a great imagination and not much to do have come up with some very neat gadgets that makes the back breaking work of gardening and maintaining your lawn a whole lot easier and a lot more fun.

Hozelock Auto AquaPod 10 Watering System

One of the most important responsibilities of gardeners is to make sure that they properly water their plants. Gadgets help, including this one: the Hozelock Auto AquaPod makes that job so much easier. This automatic watering system provides the essential fluid to between 10 and 39 potted plants at one time. The kit includes two green cylindrical AquaPod pumps, a number of flexible hoses and drippers and a water computer that you can program to do the watering automatically. It takes only about five minutes to set it up and it uses 90 percent less water than a watering can would use.
(Courtesy: Hozelock)

Bosch ALR 900 Lawn Racker

This one tool rakes, scarifies and aerates your lawn. A 900-watt electric motor powers the machine, which includes a jet fan to scoop up even more debris than similar devices can capture and a folding grass box that holds 50-liters of trash.
(Courtesy: Bosch)

Leaf Collecting Lawn Sweeper

Cleaning up leaves from your lawn in the fall has never been easier thanks to this push sweeper. It includes flexible plastic combs that quickly spin as you push. It can grab leaves, grass clippings, pine needles and other debris and drops them into the collecting hopper. The height of the combs is adjustable.
(Courtesy: Hammacher Schlemmer)

Weed Killing Steamer

This machine kills weeds with steam produced from ordinary tap water. Just squeeze the trigger and it releases a blast of steam that is 300°F. The zapped weeds shrivel up and die in 24-48 hours with just 5 to 10 seconds of treatment. It kills dandelions, crabgrass, and cudweed plants in a single spray.
(Courtesy: Hammacher Schlemmer)

Plant and Birdfeeder Pulley System

It isn’t uncommon for plant lovers to hang plants high where their beauty will be at or above eye level. But locating baskets of plants so high can result in a chore when it comes time to water or prune them. Standing on tippy toes or climbing a small ladder can lead to watering accidents, but not with this. The pulley system lowers the high-located plant whenever you want to maintain it. The system hangs on the ceiling hook you would have used for the basket. The system includes a woven band that holds the plant’s basket and it can accommodate up to 8 pounds. The pulley system allows the plant to extend up to 42-inches. A pull cord releases the band and you guide the basket to the desired height with your free hand. Pull the plant down to water and prune and then tug it back up until the band goes back into its case.
(Courtesy Hammacher Schlemmer)

Rechargeable Snow Shovel

One reason to dread the winter is the snowstorms that accompany it. It is no fun shoveling snow from your walkway, driveway, or curb. This gadget makes the inevitable much less of an issue. This rechargeable, cordless powered snow shovel will clear walkway, driveway or curb without you doing any heavy lifting. The shovel includes a 500-watt motor that propels a two-blade paddle auger that tosses snow up to 25-feet away and clearing a 13-inch wide by 6-inch deep pathway. The shovel weighs only 15-pounds and the rechargeable battery holds a 3-hour charge that translates to 50 minutes of shoveling.
(Courtesy: Hammacher Schlemmer)

When it comes to gardening or maintaining your lawn, one thing is true. There are gadgets for that!

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