How to Keep Dogs from Tearing Up Your Lawn


How to Protect Your Lawn from These

It is no secret that dogs love lawns. At the same time, dogs can also pose a real threat to the health of your lawn. They love soil and are not afraid of tearing up your grass. To be fair, dogs weighing less than 40 pounds pose less of a threat to your lawn (and create less stress), but even small dogs can still tear up your soil. Below, we offer some ways that you can protect your lawn from pets, while keeping your dog happy at the same time.

How can you protect your grass from dogs?

One simple way to protect your lawn is to plant a type of grass that is more resistant to stress. There are two varieties that are exceptional in this regard: if you live farther up north, you should look into tall Fescue grass, which is exceptionally durable. If you live in the south, Bermuda grass is also a great option.

It’s also important to note that dogs typically trample on the same area of your lawn every time. It may be a good idea to simply lay a row of soil on your dog’s favorite area—this will keep your dog happy without creating any damage to your lawn.

Scent matters

Dogs are especially sensitive to smell, so getting creative with different scents is a great way of keeping your pet away from the lawn. It is a good idea to pour black pepper over your lawn, as your dog will get turned off by the scent. Similarly, dogs do not care for citrus and so placing citrus fruits throughout the lawn will discourage them as well.

Set up a sand box

Perhaps the best way to keep dogs off your lawn is to give them an alternate place to play. Sand boxes work great in this regard, as they give your dog a place to play and dig around. If you really want to satisfy your dog, litter the sand box with toys and let them dig to their heart’s content.

Dogs pose a real threat to your lawn, and they obviously place their own interests ahead of what’s best for your yard. However, through careful planning you can keep you and your dog happy at the same time.

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