Fall Tip: Power Seeding

There are many methods out there that lawn owners can use to restore a lawn that has seen better days. To be certain, aerating is one of the most useful procedures and should be completed whenever thatch accumulation has grown particularly severe. Fall is always a great time for power seeding a lawn. With summer over, many lawn owners find that their lawns are ravaged by drought, insects, or lawn diseases, all conditions that wreak havoc on your lawn. In these instances, reseeding your lawn may be enough to get it growing healthily once again. Sometimes, though, more basic techniques aren’t enough, and when this happens, desperate times call for desperate measures. If you find that your lawn is in really bad shape, you may want to consider power seeding, arguably the most powerful procedure for bringing your lawn back to growing condition. Below, we explain exactly what this process entails and how to power seed your lawn.

Power Seeding Improves Lawns Like This One


What does power seeding involve?

As the name would suggest, power seeding involves using a power seeding machine. This instrument cuts holes into the soil and then drops seed into the holes. In so doing, the seeds are given more direct contact with the soil. Power seeding also involves overseeding to a pretty large degree. Because it consists of overseeding, lawn owners with lots of thin spots or bare patches on their lawn often find that power seeding is especially effective. The important thing to remember is that power seeding will not harm the lawn; in fact, it makes it much easier for soil to receive the new seed and keeps the turf from getting damaged in the process.

Always aerate first

We’ve discussed the importance of aerating many times in the past, and anyone looking into power seeding needs to be aware that power seeding should not be viewed as a substitute for aerating the lawn. Before power seeding, aerate the lawn in order to properly loosen up the soil.

Rent, buy, or hire

Power seeding is a necessary procedure, but the machines are pretty expensive (well over $1000), and you may find that it simply isn’t feasible to buy one of these machines. Most lawn owners find that it is most economical to just hire a lawn care professional to complete the procedure. Alternately, those who are savvy with handling lawn care machines should look into renting a power seeder for the day and just completing the task themselves.

Power seeding is the most effective way of saving a lawn that is in poor condition. Whether you hire a pro or rent a machine and do it yourself, you can be confident that you are doing a great service for your lawn.


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