Good Lawn Mowing Practices

Beautiful, picture-perfect lawn is not created by accident but rather a result of proper lawn mowing practices. There are certain mowing habits that can make the difference between a perfectly manicured lawn or grass that looks unhealthy and susceptible to diseases and drying up.

Here are some good practices of Lawn Mowing.

1.    Do not mow using dull blades. Dull blades rip and shred the grass that make them susceptible to deseases. Sharp blades cut the grass cleanly. Make sure to sharpen the lawn mower blade when you notice shredding and tearing of grass blades.

2.     Cut 1/3 of the blades at a time. The higher mowing heights encourage the grass to develop a deep root system. Taller blades also preserve moisture. It also prevents disease and weeds infestations.

3.     Do not mow when the lawn is wet or at high noon. Mowing when the lawn is wet causes grass clumps on the blades and mowing during the hottest time of the day can ruin your lawn. Mow in the morning right after the dew dries off as the grass aren’t stressed by the afternoon sun and dry enough not to form clumps on the blades.

4.     Do not mow in the same direction every time. Mowing in the same direction every time will eventually leave streaks and striped lines that grow back irregularly and look rather unsightly. Rotate mowing patterns bу mowing north tо south оn one cut, аnd thеn east tо west thе next, finally going diagonally оn thе third cut. On а hilly lawn, mow асrоѕѕ аnd mow diagonally rаthеr thаn directly uр аnd down.

5.     Leave your clippings on your lawn. Your lawn can benefit from the clippings by leaving them to mulch and eventually decompose to become fertilizer.

6.     Check your lawn for pests and weed infestation. Treat the problem immediately to prevent widespread invasion.

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