Regular lawn mower maintenance can save you money

Proper and regular lawn mower maintenance can save you money. lawn mowers are built to last for years as a result of breakthroughs and advances in technology used in production of materials and assembly of these products. Nonetheless, as with any other equipment that are constantly being used, lawn mowers will gradually deteriorate due to wear and tear. The length of trouble-free functioning of your lawn mower highly depend on the proper lawn mower maintenance provided.

Maintain Your Mower

Most lawn mower owners do not follow the proper lawn mower maintenance prescribed by their equipment’s manufacturer. They tend to neglect regular maintenance as long as it is running fine until such time when the lawn mower bogs down. When it happens, the repair can be costly than when it was given regular maintenance.

Here are the basic maintenance tips that you can give your lawn mower for a longer trouble-free mowing seasons.

1.     Follow your equipment manufacturer’s recommendation regarding lawn mower maintenance. Equipment manufacturers have specific maintenance regimen in order to keep your lawn mower in a tip top condition.

2.     Lawn mower needs good fuel to live longer. Use gasoline instead of ethanol-based gas. Ethanol-based gas creates a gummy residue that clogs valves and causes metal parts to rust. It destroys rubber components and slowly eats away the mower innards including the carburetors and other crucial components. Gasoline, on the other hand, is easily burnt and it wont hang around the engine valve and other internal components.

3.     Wash, clean and dry the lawn mower every after each mowing routine. Hose down the under deck to remove grass clippings and dirt. Scrape off caked on dirt on the blades including the under and outer surfaces. Dirt and water contribute in the formation of rust that can cause damage to the mower.

4.     Change oil and air filter in accordance with the recommendation of your equipment’s manufacturer. In general, change oil before storing your lawn mower for the winter or at the start of spring, which ever best suits you. Change your air filter every two years and clean it in between. Check your spark plug for any sign of being burnt or fouled and replace it accordingly.

5.     Periodically clean the carburetor as fuel residue and various debris can collect inside the gaskets. This, however, requires disconnecting and removing nuts, screws, bolts and parts of the mower. If you are not comfortable doing this, then have your mower checked and cleaned by a professional lawn mower mechanic.

Most lawn mower parts are inexpensive and can easily be replaced. Failure on your part to provide the necessary maintenance can cause the parts to fail quickly that can lead to hosts of problems requiring costly repair.

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