Why is Grass Not Flowing into my Bagger Properly?

Grass BaggerHaving a bagger system on your riding mower can be great, and can make life really easy, picking up grass clippings and lawn debris as you mow, meaning that you only have to stop every so often to empty the bags, and you’ll have a clear and clean lawn at the end. As with all mechanical systems, malfunctions can occur, leaving a trail of uncollected grass or worse. If you are having issues with your bagger, here are some probable reasons:

Wrong Mower Blades

A bagger system needs specific high-lift blades to cut the grass and create enough lift for them to be propelled through the bagger system and into the collection bags. Using mulching blades or other blades that do not create lift in the cuttings will lead to the collection chute becoming clogged, or the clippings never being pushed into the chute in the first place.

Wet Grass

We know that you sometimes have a specific time and day set aside for mowing, regardless of if it has rained or not. If you’re using a bagger system, you’ll need to wait. Wet grass causes two problems when it comes to using a bagger system. First off, wet grass is heavier than dry grass, meaning that it is harder to propel through the chute. Secondly, where dry grass will just slide through the chute, wet grass tends to stick to the sides and collect, creating a clog that will need to be cleared. So wait until the grass has dried to mow with a bagger system.

Bagger is Not Secure

If there are gaps in your bagger system or improperly-fitting parts, grass can get caught up or be blown out of the system, leaving a mess behind the mower. Check to make sure everything is snug, and cover up holes and gaps.

Ground Speed is Too Fast

If you are cruising along too quickly, your bagger system may not be able to keep pace with your cutting speed, so clippings will be missed and shoot out underneath the rear of the deck. Develop a steady, sustainable pace that allows your bagger to pick up the clippings.

Bagger Belt Tension is not Adjusted Properly

The belt that runs to your blower system from the mower deck is necessary to keep the grass flowing. If the belt slips off, is too tight or too loose, you risk damaging your bagger system or seeing consistent failure to completely collect and bag clippings.

Clogs and Snags

Debris can get caught up in the bagger chute, causing clippings to back up in the chute behind it. Also, snags from parts of the bagger system being out of alignment, such as burrs where the different sections of the chute connect or dents in the chute, can cause grass to get hung up and gradually develop into a clog. The easiest way to avoid this is to inspect your chute regularly.

So if you are having issues with your bagger system, make sure to check all of these possibilities before taking it in for service.

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