Great Lawn and Garden Gear for Less Than a Jackson

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In honor of President’s Day, today we’re taking a look at the best lawn and garden gear a President can buy you. You won’t get much for a Washington or Lincoln, and Hamilton wasn’t a president anyways. But Andrew Jackson? There’s a president that buys just the right amount. So what are some quality lawn and garden tools and gear that you can get for a Jackson that will make your life easier?

pocket monkey

The Pocket Monkey, from Zootility Tools, is like a small pocket knife, except for the fact that it’s slim profile means you can store it in your wallet or pocket and not feel it. It includes five different sizes of hex wrenches, a flat-head screwdriver, a Phillips screwdriver, a mini screwdriver, and a handful of other tools. This little multi-tool comes in at $12.00 plus tax. Andrew Jackson would approve.

mcguire nicholas drill holster

For the handyman who is constantly switching his tools around, finding a safe place to put his drill can be hard. The last thing you want is your expensive cordless drill taking a tumble and breaking. An inexpensive and attractive solution to this is the McGuire-Nicholas Drill Holster. You can also use this for tools other than a drill in a pinch. Not bad for $9.99 plus tax.

accusharp tool sharpener

You may not realize just how dull some of your lawn and garden gear is, and just how much extra work those dull tools are causing. You can fix that quickly and cheaply with the Accu Sharp 060 Gardensharp Tool Sharpener. Checking in at $11.99, this will let you sharpen the edges of trowels, pruning shears, scythes, shovels, and hoes. Even better, the tungsten carbide blades are hardy enough to work on lawnmower blades – you can start to sharpen your blades on your own instead of taking them to a sharpener.

Heath Zenith Remote Outlet

If you have outdoor lighting, water features, or other decorations that need electric to function, you usually end up setting them on a timer, or you plug them in by hand as needed. You also can use remote controls for these devices, but for the longest time, remote control operation was a fairly expensive proposition. The Heath Zenith Outdoor Remote Kit allows you to turn on electrical devices from up to fifteen feet away. With the ability to be set to four different frequencies, you can hook up four different remotes around your property. Each unit only costs $9.97 each, so you could get two of them for under $20.

bucket caddy

Carrying around all of your gear can be a pain, and you need somewhere to toss your trash while you’re pulling up weeds. You can utilize your trash bucket as a caddy, with the Fiskars Garden Bucket Caddy that rings in at $16.99.

Andrew Jackson was a big proponent of a frugal government, and we’re pretty sure he’d be supportive of you using the note that bears his face for bargains such as these. Even if you don’t think any of this gear fits into your garden plans, you can still use President’s Day for a little planning for the upcoming season.

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