Harsh Conditions Means Close Attention to Your Lawn

Summer lawn care is a necessity during hot and humid months, since the high temperatures cause serious damage to your otherwise healthy and beautiful lawn. During summer months, more prep, time and care is a given and should be taken seriously. The following steps will help you maintain a lively and lush lawn. *Choose the Right Grass- Choosing the right type of grass for the climate you live in is essential and will ensure the best growth and appearance throughout the year. *Make Sure Your Soil Is Healthy- This means your soil needs to have the right pH balance, texture and nutrients for a healthy grass. *Water Regularly- While watering is greatly important, it’s easier to overwater, so water early in the morning when your lawn absorbs the most moisture. Never water in the middle of the day or the evening, as this will dry your lawn out even further, and don’t attempt to water your lawn after it has already dried out. It only stresses the grass. *Make Sure Grass Is Right Length- Longer grass is better for a healthy lawn, so keep it between 2 1/2 inches and 3 1/2 inches. Why? Longer grass has deeper roots and dries out slower. *Clear Out Weeds and Thatch- Always remove weeds and thatch that will prevent water from penetrating the soil and reaching grass roots. *Use Mulch- These add more nutrients to your grass. *Fertilizers and Chemicals- Consider using organic products when it comes to fertilizers and chemicals as these are much better for the environment and less or not harsh on your lawn. They’re also safe for children and pets.

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