How to Set Up a Compost Bin

There are many benefits of setting up a compost bin. First of all, your lawn will benefit since compose will create rich soil (humus) that is filled with nutrients. Humus makes great fertilizer, which really comes in handy during early spring and the planting season. Better yet, compost piles are great for the environment since they recycle organic material. Below, we offer an overview of how to set up a compost pile.

Choosing and installing your container

The first step involved in setting up a compost bin is choosing your bin. You can either go with plastic or wood, but either way you want to make sure that there is a lid on top. Once you’ve got your bin selected, dig up a hole in the soil for it and remove the grass and soil underneath the bin. At this point, your bin should be firmly in place and ready to get filled.

Filling the bin: what to include and how to layer it

At the bottom of your compost bin, you want to place a layer of twigs and brush. Then, you want a mixture of what are known as “green” and “brown” materials. The “greens” are characterized by nitrogen, while the “browns” contain carbon. Examples of “greens” include plants and grass clippings, fruits and vegetables, and food leftovers. Meanwhile, “browns” include hay, branches and twigs, newspapers, egg cartons, and brown leaves. Make sure to alternate layers between “greens” and “browns,” with roughly an even distribution between the two ingredient types. Composting occurs far more efficiently when microbes can receive an even distribution between carbon and nitrogen, so taking special care when stacking your ingredients will make your compost bin work that much more efficiently. After you set up your bin, take the lid off at least once a week and turn the pile over with a pitchfork.

compost bin

Compost Bin

In this age of environmental sustainability, compost bins are a quick and easy way to improve the environment. By following these quick steps and setting up your bin, you will help out the environment and help out your lawn—a winning combination.

(Note: This article gives a nice overview of some more topics associated with compost bins.)

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