How to Sharpen the Blade of a Riding Mower

In this post, we review the steps needed to sharpen the blade on a riding mower. Because the mower is so heavy, this can be an intimidating process but following the steps below will enable you to complete the procedure with little difficulty.

Remove the blade and clean the cap

First, you need to elevate the riding mower so that you can actually work underneath it. Obviously, this is easier said than done and the heft of the mower means that you will probably have to use a rope lift or related device. Once you have the riding mower lifted, take a wrench and remove the blade.  Clean out any debris on or in the mounting hardwear. There is most likely a large amount of grass and dirt that has accumulated.

Sharpening the blade

To sharpen the blade, use a grinder or level. You want to sharpen it so that the bottom is flat. When doing this, make sure to avoid a “V” angle; you really want to sharpen it down to a flat edge. After the blade is sharp, install it on on the mower.  Make sure the the lift tabs, or sails, are facing up.  You can then insert the mounting hardwear, washers, cap, etc. Before putting the blade back on, however, it is a good idea to apply a lubricant into the hole where the blade will get applied. Once this has been done, install the blade back. Remember that the bottom washer has to be centered and on the shaft correctly, so use a wrench to secure everything properly in place.

Riding Mower

Sharpening the riding mower blade is a great spring lawn care procedure. Be sure to watch this video for a visual demonstration. With a sharp blade and a clean cap, you can be sure that your lawn mower is in prime shape for the growing season.

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