In Which Direction Should You Mow?

 When most people mow their lawn, they follow the same mowing patterns that they’ve used for years, and mowing the lawn becomes a matter of following the same routine that’s been used consistently. You may be happy following the same mowing pattern, but it is actually important to know that mowing direction is a topic worthy of close attention. In this post, we review which mowing direction is optimal and whether you should try a variation over time.

Even if it seems as though your grass has grown fine while mowing in the same direction, the reality is, it is better for your grass if you switch up the mowing pattern. When you cut the grass the same way each time, the grass will then grow in the same direction, which in turn bends and flattens the grass. Instead, you want to make sure that you mix up the direction each time. A useful framework to use for deciding on a direction is to think of a compass, and alternate between the directions on the compass each time you mow. Following this guideline, you will mow north to south, east to west, diagonally from northeast to southeast and finally from northwest to southwest. Repeat this cycle after you’ve finished it.

One topic for debate has also been whether it is better to mow in a circular trajectory or in rows. In the end, either method is equally effective as they involve the same number of rows. More important than the decision whether to mow in spirals or rows it to make sure not to go over the same patch of grass twice. It will cut the grass too short, make your grass height uneven, and add to the time spent on the job. If you have a push mower, this is not a problem, but anyone with a riding mower needs to be careful not to be left with uncut grass when making turns. In the end, the main items for you to remember are that your lawn will thrive if you mix up the mowing direction and avoid mowing over spots that have already been trimmed.

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In Which Direction Should You Mow?


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