What to Do if Your Lawn Mower Gets Caught in the Rain

You can’t predict the weather, and sometimes accidents happen. One common accident is having your lawn mower get soaked in the rain. Whether you’re hit with a sudden rainstorm or you simply left your lawn mower out in the rain overnight, there are many ways for a lawn mower to get wet. When this happens, it is common for people to act rashly, and assume that their lawn mower is damaged goods. However, while it’s always possible that your lawn mower is ruined, it is highly unlikely. In this post, we review some useful steps you can take to repair your mower when it gets wet.

One of the items you need to keep in mind is that you don’t want to lay your lawn mower on its side, as oil is likely to spill out. Instead, the first step you should take is to spray starter fluid into the carburetor. After you’ve finished this, you want to try running the mower—it might seem as though running the mower at this point is premature, but it will actually assist with the drying process and it also helps prevent against rust. If it manages to start, run it for just a couple of minutes. Don’t be shocked if it makes some unpleasant noises, as this is not uncommon. After running the mower, take out the air filter, clean it, and dry it out.

If you have a hard time getting your mower to start, try draining the gas and oil, as you really want the mower to be completely dry before running it again. You may need to insert a new spark plug. Also, check to see if the coil inside the lawn mower is rusted from the rain. If this is the case, remove the coil and clean it with sandpaper and a wire brush. To protect against rust, it’s also a good idea to purchase some rust protection to keep your lawn mower in good shape before it rains.

Rust Protection

(Rust Protection)

A wet lawn mower is non-functioning lawn mower. That said, if your mower does encounter rain, be sure not to panic as it is probably not ruined. Following the recommendations in this post will be sure to get your mower safely through all kinds of wet weather and conditions.

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