Irrigation System For Your Garden

Perhaps the most important aspect of maintaining a garden is keeping the plants or crops properly watered. There are several ways to achieve this. Of course, there is the manual way that includes a watering can or a hose with a spraying nozzle. There are expensive irrigation systems with nozzles that pop out from the ground and include timers to ensure the plants are watered at a certain time for a predetermined period of time. In addition, there are simple irrigation systems that a competent do it yourselfer can construct.

Easy To Construct Irrigation System

One easy to construct irrigation system is a bucket drip kit.

Bucket irrigation system. A competent DIY’er should have no trouble constructing this simple system.

The Bucket Drip irrigation system includes the following items:

· One or two buckets
· One Or Two Posts, a fence or other method to suspend the buckets
· One 50-foot garden hose
· A washer or caulking
· A drill
· Filter
· General gardening tools

There are 10 steps in setting up this irrigation system.

1. Cut the garden hose in half
2. Drill a hole every six to 12-inches through the hose.
3. Drill a hole in each bucket you intend to use that is large enough for the hose to fit through.
4. Thread the hose through the hole of the bucket and seal it with a washer or caulking.
5. Place a filter on top of the bucket to prevent bugs and dirt from getting in.
6. Hang the bucket on a post.
7. Dig a trench in the garden that reaches as far down as the roots of the plants.
8. Lay the hose through the trench.
9. Cover the trench with the hose in it with dirt.
10. Fill the bucket or buckets with water.

It is suggested that you fill the bucket or buckets with fresh water and plant fertilizer or plant food once a week.


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