Just what is a Mulching Mower?

Mulching mower push mowerWe’ve mentioned mulching mowers in the past, and some folks may not be sure of what exactly a mulching mower is, or the process it uses to take your lawn from long to well-fed. A mulching mower can be beneficial to your lawn, and take some time out of your lawn work, along with making your lawn lusher and greener.

What does a mulching mower do?

While a regular lawn mower simply cuts the grass and shoots it out to the side in large amounts, a mulching mower finely chops the grass clippings, allowing them to filter down through the shoots of grass to help to mulch and feed the grass.

How does a mulching mower work?

A mulching mower has either a closed mowing deck – on a dedicated mulching mower – or a mower deck that can be be closed off in the case of a 3-in-1 that can also shoot out grass or bag clippings. There are mulching kits available to install onto standard push mowers that include a plug for the side discharge opening and mulching blades. Mulching blades usually have an extra cutting surface, and are curved instead of straight. Underneath the mowing deck are more blades than usual, usually four of them arranged in an “X” formation.

How is a mulching mower beneficial for you and your lawn?

To begin with, mulching the grass clippings and putting them back into the soil creates firmer, healthier soil that helps to retain the grass. The mulch helps the soil to retain moisture, as well as keeping it cool, which can be extremely helpful if you live in a drought-prone area. The chemical composition of grass clippings can help reduce the need for fertilizer, as experts estimate that mulching clippings can provide up to 25% of the nutrients a lawn needs throughout the year.

Using a mulching mower isn’t jut beneficial for your lawn. A mulching mower can help you out by reducing the work that comes with a bagging or side-discharge mower. There will be no bags to empty, no clippings to rake and bag, cutting down on the time and effort you need to expend in the yard. Also, you won’t have to pay extra to dispose of the lawn waste, as many trash haulers will charge extra for lawn waste removal. On top of not having to pay for lawn waste disposal, this keeps landfills from filling up as quickly, which is great for the environment.

Now that you know what a mulching mower is and how it works, you should definitely consider one in your next mower purchase, or even consider converting your traditional push mower into a mulching unit.

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