Kubota Introduces New Z400 Series Zero Turn Lawn Mower

Kubota Tractor Corporation, marketer and distributor of Kubota-engineered and manufactured machinery and equipment including tractors and consumer lawn and garden equipment headquartered in Grapevine, Texas, has introduced the new Z400 Series Zero Turn Lawn Mowers. The series includes the Z411KW-48, Z421KW-54, and the Z421KWT-60.

Kubota introduces the new Z400 Series zero turn lawn mower. The series includes three models — the Z411KW-48, Z421KW-54, and the Z421KWT-60.
(Courtesy: Kubota)

Also known as the KommanderPRO, the lawn mower is equipped with a 22-horsepower Kawasaki engine and commercial transmission and includes a number of creature comforts including high-back seat, cup holders, and 12-volt power outlet.

Other features of the lawn mower include:

· Precision Adjustment. A twist of one dial adjusts the cutting height in ¼-inch increments.
· Parking Brake. A foot pedal locks the brake so the unit can’t move, ensuring safe and secure parking.
· K-Lift. This feature allows the user to quickly and easily adjust the cutting height without leaving the driver’s seat. All you have to do is press down the pedal and turn the adjustment dial.
· Foldable Rops. The ROPS of the Z400 Series lawn mower meets ISO 21299 specifications to ensure safe and efficient operation. It easily folds down to permit the mower to pass under low obstructions and for easy storage in a garage or shed.
· Low Profile Tires. The new wide low-profile tires on the Z400 Series mowers offer better traction for all types of mowing tasks and a larger footprint that reduces ground compaction and turf damage during turns.
· Wide Foot Pan. The wide foot pan ensures plenty of legroom for the driver and easy entry and exits from the machine.
· 6-inch Slide Seat. The seat slides a full 6-inches forward and back to permit the driver to find the right position for maximum comfort.
· Seat Opening Mechanism. This feature permits access to the fuses, which are stored under the seat.
· 5-inch Deep Welded Mower Deck. The deck is steel welded and includes a reinforced spindle mount area for improved durability.
· Large Fuel Tank. The fuel tank is 6.8-gallons permitting the mower to work for more than six hours between refueling.
· Smooth Operation Levers. The lever adjusts the operation load to each operator’s needs for smoother, more precise control and less fatigue. The damper force can also be adjusted to ensure the most comfort for the operator.
· Ergonomic Control Layout. Controls are ergonomically arranged and most are positioned on the right side of the driver for quick identification and simple operation.
· Fabricated Mower Deck. The Z400 Series mower includes a 5-inch welded structure deck that is 48-inch, 54-inch, or 60-inch wide.
· An Optional Operator Controlled Discharge Chute. The discharge chute over the grass clippings outlet can be opened and closed with a lever to avoid directing clippings into flower beds or roads.
· Optional Mulching Kit. The kit assures that clippings are finely cut for the ultimate mulching purposes.
· Optional Grass Catcher Kit. The grass catcher kit offers 7-bushel (250-liter) capacity, which reduces the number of stops necessary to discharge clippings.

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