Kubota Unveils New M Series Tractors

Kubota, located in Grapevine, Texas, has introduced a new series of tractors dubbed M4.

The new Kubota M Series tractor.
(Courtesy: Kubota USA)

They include one standard and two deluxe models. The two deluxe models are the M4D-061 that is powered by a 65.4-horsepower engine and features 52 PTO, and the M4D-071, which features a 73.2-horsepower engine and 60 PTO. The one standard model is the M4-071.

Pressurized Cabin

All three models include a category II pressurized cab that ensures a dust-free environment for the driver. The cab also features air conditioning, high visibility roof panel, and retractable shade for better visibility and safety. It keeps the tractor’s operator comfortable when loading bales of hay, lifting pallet forks, or moving landscaping materials. Driver comfort is also enhanced by easy-to-access ergonomic controls.

The New Kubota M Series Tractor.
(Courtesy: Kubota USA)
The pressurized cabin of the M4 series tractor features conveniently located controls.
(Courtesy: Kubota USA)

The cabs on the deluxe models include a PTO lever located inside the cab, LED work lights, and upgraded operator and instructor seats for training purposes.

12F/12R Transmission

The new M series tractors also feature a 12F/12R transmission with two ranges and six speeds per range. Kubota is one of the only tractor manufacturers that offer this style of transmission as standard in this horsepower range. In addition, there is an option for an additional creep range. The driver can seamlessly shift between gears. The clutch pedal has been removed and replaced with a de-clutch button that shifts into different gears within a range. An electric hydraulic shuttle permits the driver to change directions with a simple finger movement. There is no need to grip the steering wheel or stop the tractor’s momentum to switch direction.

Convenience Features

There are also a number of features on the M series tractors that assure convenience and efficiency for the driver. These include standard constant RPM management that offers stable operation and increases efficiency. The feature keeps the engine speed steady and prevents the PTO speed from falling under heavy loads. The feature also assists in operating in diverse terrain. There is also an RPM dual memory that permits the driver to save RPM speeds. The operator can easily set the A&B settings and switch between two-RPM speeds without having to manually manipulate the throttle. An electronic four-wheel drive engagement is standard on the deluxe models. This feature engages when the two-wheel drive mode is operated when both brake pedals are pressed.


There are a number of implements available for the M series tractors that can be used from a grill guard to a variety of tillers and hay tools. The tractors are equipped with telescopic lower links. This allows seamless attachment and detachments of rear implements. All models also feature a hydraulic flow of 16.7 gallons per minutes that allows faster loader cycle time for better performance. The models are ideal for ranch or farm work whether it is stacking bales, moving pallets, or transporting materials.

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