Land Pride Is Offering New Rotary Cutters

Land Pride, manufacturers of implements for tractors and headquartered in Salina, Kansas, has introduced a new line of rotary cutters.

The rotary cutters come in four models –- the RC5715, RCM5715, RCB5715, and the RCBM5715.

The heavy-duty 15-foot wide, double-deck rotary cutter is designed for right-of-way and roadside maintenance and includes three patented features and one patent-pending feature.

The RC57 has greaseless pivot points, end cap grease zerks, easy-off shields, and a patented sliding guard over the splitter gearbox.

The machine requires 50 to 250-horsepower and includes pull-type, and self-leveling hitch and clevis.

Other features include:

  • A sliding guard with easy off shields and patented sliding guard over the splitter gearbox that allows easy maintenance.
  • A patented parallel pivot axle that offers ideal ground contact for enhanced holding power on hills and inclines.
  • Patent-pending flip spacers speed height adjustment that eliminates the need for donut-style spacers.
  • Patented Deck Armor™ with an added lay of steel that ensures durability and reduces deck damage caused by blade to deck contact.
  • Replaceable side skirts and skid shoes made of high-tensile AR400 steel for more durability.
  • Color-coded hydraulic hose handles that assures easy hose identification and tongue-mounted hose holder that prevents hose tips from touching dirt.
  • Self-Leveling Performance Hitch™ that includes a holding pin to reduce drawbar wear and permits one-person connection.
  • LED safety lighting that are long-lasting and resistant to vibration
Land Pride’s rotary cutter.
(Courtesy: Land Pride)

The rotary cutters are fully welded with double deck wing-to-wing 10-gauge over 7-gauge steel.

The rotary cutters are backed by a seven year limited gearbox warranty (six and seven years for parts).


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