Land Pride Offering Wood Chippers

Land Pride, manufacturer of implements compatible with Kubota tractors, headquartered in Salina, Kansas with manufacturing facilities in Abilene, Kipp, and Lucas, Kansas, and a research and development facility in Salina, is offering wood chippers.

The company is offering two wood chippers.

• The WC1504

• The WC1503

WC1504 Wood Chippers

The Land Pride WC1504 wood chipper is capable with Kubota B Series, BX Series, L Series, and MX Series tractors. Driven by the tractor’s PTO, this unit chips limbs for mulch or decomposition.

The unit features a self-feeding 4-inch cutting capacity, four reversible and replaceable hardened-steel knives, adjustable discharge chute, and direct drive to rotor.

Land Pride WC1504 wood chipper.
(Courtesy: Land Pride)

Adjustable support stands raise the chipper to the height of your tractor’s output shaft and allows the driveline to remain straight and level.

The chipper required 20-25-horsepower and a minimum of 33-horsepower for maximum capacity.

Other features include:

• A quick-hitch system that allows you to quickly connects and disconnects the implement without leaving the driver’s seat of the tractor.

• One-quarter inch hardened steel cutting knives that are reversible and replaceable. Each knife has two cutting edges and the chipper rotates 180° to the other edge. This means that there is less down time to sharpen rotor knives. The WC1504 features four knives.

• An adjustable rotating discharge chute that can be adjusted 270°. The feature also includes a chute rotate that stops the chute from discharging chips toward the operator.

WC1503 Wood Chippers

This chipper is also driven by the tractor’s PTO and has all of the same features as the WC1504 except instead of a self-feeding 4-inch cutting capacity, four reversible and replaceable hardened-steel knives, it has self-feeding 2-inch cutting capacity and two reversible and replaceable hardened-steel knives. It also includes dual B-section drive belts.

The chipper requires 12-30-horsepower and a minimum 25-horsepower for maximum capacity. It is also compatible with the Kubota B Series, BX Series, and L Series tractors.


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