Landscaping Ideas to Enhance Side Yards

Don't ignore the side yards when you landscape your home. (Courtesy: Steve Owen at

Don’t ignore the side yards when you landscape your home.
(Courtesy: Steve Owen at

In a recent story, I discussed how to plant gardens on side yards that feature slopes and shade. In this article, I will show how one can use landscaping to enhance the appearance of side yards.

Some may think that a side yard would be too narrow for landscaping projects. Well, it all depends on the width of your side yards and the landscaping idea you find that can best fit the space. Here are some examples.

Side Yard Landscaping Ideas

· Create a Path. Your side yards can be used to create a gateway or road from your front lawn to your backyard. The link between back and front can be accomplished with a garden. This can be achieved by using the same types of plants that appear in the front and backyard gardens.
· Create interest. Most side yards are plain and may not include any type of flora or construction. Liven it up with a garden, a shrub, or perhaps a walkway or path. One way to make your side yard unique is to create a texture to the area by including steel planters with flora like asparagus fern. It looks good and it’s also low maintenance.
· Embellish the area. If space is limited, but you still want to create a unique area on your side yards consider spacing out containers featuring different kinds of flora through the location.
· Create a private area. Separate your side yards from view using screens or shrubbery and then create a private area for yourself with the addition of a stylish bench or small nursery. You can also use the area to start growing new plants that you plan to transplant to your front garden later.
· Make a room. If your side yards are relatively large, then you can create a courtyard featuring lush plants and give it a geometric appearance with patterned paving. You could also include a container garden to provide a focal point.
· Create a different mood. Distinguish your side yards from the rest of your landscape by presenting a number of small gardens. Add a couple of fences and then develop a cottage garden within or against one fence and perhaps a Zen garden within or against the second. You may also want to include a fence or shrubs to separate the side yards from your front and back gardens to prevent each set up from clashing
· Grow edibles. Develop a produce garden including vegetables, fruit, and herbs. Keep in mind, however, that fruit and most veggies flourish best when there are at least eight hours of direct sunlight during a day.
· Create a channel. It can be lined with flora and run the entire length of the side yard. Not only will it create a focal point, it will also provide a place where water that collects there can be eliminated. Also called a dry stream, it makes a nice landscaping feature when the weather is dry.
· Offer a bridge between the front and back yards. Create a limestone pathway between the front and back yards.

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