Lawn and Garden Myths to Look Out For

Over the years, plenty of myths have cropped up regarding the lawn and garden. Over time, some of them have been shown to be false, while others have been forgotten about. Some of them still persist. Here’s a list of our favorite lawn and garden myths, and the truths behind some of them.

Myth: New plants and new lawns should be watered daily.

Fact: Too much water can be just as harmful as not enough water. Plants can be drowned – water them when they are thirsty, not on a daily basis

Myth: Drought tolerant plants don’t need to be watered as often.

Fact: Young drought-tolerant plants should be watered as any other plant – they are still trying to get their roots in place, and need help. Developed drought-tolerant plants should still be watered regularly – just because they can tolerate a drought does not mean they should be forced to go without water.

Myth: Professional landscapers use dangerous chemicals that are more powerful than what a homeowner can use.

Fact: Homeowners have access to the same chemicals that professional can get hold of, and use on lawns. The difference is not in the product, it’s in the use. Professionals have to follow rules and laws regarding application, and as they are being purchased in large amounts to use on multiple lawns, they are regulated and tracked. Homeowners can purchase the same chemicals, but they are not regulated in the application of them.

Myth: Organic pesticides are safe.

Fact: Poison is poison, whether it is manufactured in a factory or it is a natural poison. An organic pesticide will contain chemicals like pyrethrin, that is dangerous for humans and animals to inhale. It can still kill. That’s why choosing the right pesticide comes down to what does the least damage.

Myth: Sealing pruning cuts with paint protects trees from diseases.

Fact: It has not been proven that this will stop disease or pests from attacking a tree, any more or less so than not sealing the open wound.

Myth: Add gravel to the bottom of planting containers for better drainage.

Fact: This is one of them most dangerous myths because it is wholly false. Adding gravel to the bottom of a container us thought to make the soil drain better, but in fact, will make it drain worse as it does not absorb water, forcing the water level up higher.

Myth: If I cut grass really short, I’ll have to mow less.

Fact: Well, there is some truth to this one it’s not what you want. Sure, you’ll have to mow less but that’s because it can kill your lawn. Scalping your lawn makes it easier for weeds to take over, and can harm your sod, stressing it and even killing it. While it’s true you won;t have to mow a dead lawn, it also means you won’t have  a lawn at all.

Some of these myths are a bit on the silly side, while others can do a number on your lawn ad garden if you continue to perpetuate the myth.

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