What’s Your Lawn and Garden Style?

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Everyone goes about their lawn care a bit differently. We all have different styles when it comes to lawn care and mowing, but it seems like there are a few types of workers that pop up more often than others. See if you are one of these types, or if you are your own type!

The Perfectionist

Everyone wants to be this guy. Their lawn is cut perfectly, with no blades of grass sticking up any higher than any others. The edging around the lawn is clean and crisp, with straight lines. After they cut their lawn, the stripes that are left are perfectly even, contrasting in different directions. In their gardens, the flowers are always in bloom, the mulch is arranged perfectly, the birds and bees are fluttering around. This guy is the envy of the neighborhood – but they also secretly despise how perfect his yard is.

Mr. Clueless

Hasn’t done much research, all they know is that the work needs to be done. They don’t really see any reason to research either, because either they don’t care, or they need a bit of help. Mr. Clueless is pretty obvious come the end of summer, when their lawn and garden is a mess but they’re still out there every weekend, trying desperately to salvage everything.

Slow and Steady

A cycle of lawn care for this fellow might take up to a week. They’ll mow one section of lawn, then lay down in a hammock for a bit. Maybe they’ll finish up later that day, maybe not. This type of lawn care is all about not being stressed – everything will get done, eventually. Their lawn and garden is in a constant state of being worked on.

Chatty Cathy

Using lawn care as a reason to get out and chat with neighbors is what’s behind how this person addresses lawn care. They might not get all that much done when their out in the lawn, but they’ll certainly catch up with everything going on in the neighborhood. An easy person to get along with, unless you’re trying to get work done.

The Clear Cutter

This guy will raze his lawn and garden in the effort to spend less time working in it. The lawn will be scalped, with patches of dust poking through. Flowers and leaves alike will be yanked out of the garden without care. They loo at lawn care as something that should be done once a month, and then he doesn’t need to care about it for another month.

Mr. Unstoppable

Full-speed ahead! This worker just wants to get the work done, and he’ll do it as fast as he can, and won’t stop for anything, or anyone. Lawn furniture? He’ll just mow around it. Toys and small animals? He might just mow over them. The nuances of lawn care are lost on this guy – he just wants it done, and done quickly.

The Slob

What’s lawn care? They’ll mow the lawn when it starts burying the picnic table.

So do you fit into one of these categories, or do you have your own style? Let us know where you stand!

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