Lawn Mower Parts – Riding Lawn Mower Battery Maintenance

Riding lawn mower needs battery to operate. Proper maintenance of lawn mower parts including the battery ensures that the lawn mower will perform properly when needed.

Most part of the country go through harsh winter temperature. This change in temperature has adverse effect on the lifespan of batteries. Proper maintenance and storage will determine how long your battery last.

Ideal Battery Storage Condition

There are differing opinions of what the ideal storage condition for batteries is. There are those who claims that cooler temperature reduces the chemical reaction rate and increase the life of the battery. However, it is a proven fact that if the “battery acid” reaches its freezing point, the battery is permanently destroyed. The freezing point of the battery is influenced by the amount of charge the battery contains. The greater the charge, the lower the battery’s freezing point. A battery that is close to complete discharge has a freezing point that winter temperature in many areas of the country reaches on a regular basis.

When mowing days are over before winter sets in, it is advisable to remove the battery of the lawn mower, charge it fully and store it in a dry area that is protected from extreme winter temperature. Garage temperature, generally, does not reach this level that will cause damage to the battery. However, if the garage is separate from the home, there is a likelihood that the temperature will fall to the level that will do damage. In that case, move the battery to a much warmer storage area.

Once the battery is properly stored, you should occasionally check the level of charge with a meter throughout the time it is under storage. If the battery is discharged  50% or below, you should charge it back up to 75% or so. This will keep the battery ready for a flawless performance when spring rolls around.

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