Lawn Mower Parts – Spark Plug

It’s happened to most of us. You pulled the cord, nothing happened. You pulled it the second time, you thought you heard a gurgling sound. Your hopes are up. So you pulled it even harder. The engine sputtered, then died. You tried again, and again, and again, but your effort ended up with similar result: your lawn mower engine merely sputtered then died. This is the common scenario that keeps repeating over and over again due to the neglect on our part to perform the simple regular maintenance on our lawn mower parts. As long as everything is working fine, we are not concerned of any maintenance.


Spark Plug. This is the lawn mower part that kick start it all. It gives the wake up call for all the engine’s internal mechanism to start functioning. If the spark plug is worn out or dirty, it will fail to create the needed electrical spark or it will cause the engine to run rough. A good spark plug is essential in the normal operation of your lawn mower, or any lawn mower parts for that matter.

These are the very easy steps on how to change your lawn mower spark plug.

1.     Prepare the part and tools you need.

i. New spark plug – There are lots of hardware stores that sell lawn mower parts at a very affordable prices. But be sure to check your Owner’s manual to ensure that you are buying the right model for your lawn mower.

new spark plug

ii. Spark Plug Wrench – This handy tool makes changing the spark plug a breeze. It also protects the spark plug ceramic body from breaking.

spark plug wrench

iii. Spark Plug Gap Gauge – This tool is used to measure the gap in the spark plug. Improper gap prevents the spark from being produced.

Spark Plug Gap Gauge

2.     Locate the Spark Plug – Usually it is found at the front or side of the lawn mower.

spark plug location

3.     Disconnect the Spark Plug Wire – Pull the spark plug wire off. If it is stuck, you may have to wiggle it a little, but it should come right off. If it’s glued and you have to use pliers, be very gentle and use only the force needed so as not to damage it.

disconnect spark plug wire


4.     Remove the Spark Plug – Use the Spark Plug Wrench to remove the Spark Plug.

 remove spark plug

5.     Check the Spark Plug Gap – Most spark plugs come preset to the proper spark gap, but you should check it with a spark plug gap gauge to make sure the gap is set to the distance recommended in your lawn mower manual. If not, tap the end of the spark plug gently on a solid surface to reduce the gap, or bend it out slightly to increase it.

Check Spark Plug Gap

6.     Install the New Spark Plug – Install the new spark plug in the hole by hand first, turning it to the right (clockwise). It should screw in easily. If you have difficulty turning the spark plug, don’t force it in since it can cause cross threading. Instead, unscrew the plug and try inserting it again. Once the plug has been screwed in by hand, GENTLY tighten it with the wrench until snug. Don’t over tighten the spark plug, since it can cause the threads to strip or break the ceramic plug.


install new spark plug wire

7.     Reattach the Spark Plug Wire – Push the spark plug wire back onto the new plug.

And that’s all there is to it. You are good to go. Congratulations!

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