Lawn mower parts: Which type of lawn mower is best suited for you?

Using the right kind of lawn mower not only give you the satisfaction of maintaining your lawn but can save you time, money and effort. The most important feature of your lawn that you need to consider first is the size and terrain. If your lawn is too expansive using walk behind mowers can be very tiring and you cannot cover much ground on foot. If your lawn has steep slopes and grades, you must assess if using riding mower is safe and there is no danger of tipping over.

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The different types of lawn mowers

I.     Push-behind Lawn mowers.

A push-behind lawn mower, also known as walk-behind lawn mower, has an engine and takes a little force to maneuver that makes it well-suited for small lawns that are relatively flat. Due to its simple design, there’s little that can go wrong and this type of lawn mower doesn’t break down as often as the other types of lawn mowers.

The other type of this low-fuss lawn mower is the Reel mower. Since it has no engine, and readily available lawn mower parts, it is virtually problem-free.  it lso environmentally friendly, quiet and inexpensive to use and maintain. Reel mowers tend to cut clean and closer than motorized models. Keep in mind, they’re not good for expansive lawns or rolling terrain, unless unless you are training hard for a 100k marathon!

Electric mowers are also available. They usually have an electric cord that can be very inconvenient and dangerous when cut. You can avoid this hassle with cordless versions. While electric mowers are relatively quiet and more environmentally friendly than gas mowers, they aren’t equipped for deep cutting, so you have to mow more often.

II.     Riding Lawn Mowers.

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If you have a large yard half acre or larger, you definitely needs a riding lawn mower to cut your grass unless you want a royal workout.

You can choose between gas and electric riding lawn mowers. To run an electric one, just make sure the battery is charged before you start. Electric mowers are quieter, better for the environment and cheaper to run. On the flip side, electric riding mowers are much less efficient than gas mowers, as they expend less energy. Also, the battery dies fairly quickly, especially in wet conditions.

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