Riding Lawn Mowers for Large Yards


With an acre of yard to care for, mowing with a push mower got really old really fast. It took us over three hours to mow the front, back, and side yards. We had to stop every so often to empty the collection bag into the compost pile, and we’d come in exhausted and covered in bits of grass, our shoes stained green.

Choose the right tool for the job

My father always liked to say that choosing the right tool for the job saved everybody a lot of headache. Ever try to twist out a tiny screw with the end of a butter knife? According to my wise old dad, it was worth the effort to go find a proper screwdriver to get the job done quickly, painlessly, and properly. Well, he knew what he was talking about. That push mower just wasn’t cutting it for our large yard.

It took us a while to save up the money to purchase the riding mower, but what a difference it made! Not only was the mowing job done much faster, we could also pull things behind the mower like larger fertilizer spreaders, or a 48″ tine tow dethatcher. And as soon as our older kids were big enough, they could take turns driving the mower, alleviating more of the yard-care burden from our shoulders.

big lawn

Use a Riding Mower for Lawns Like This One

Riding Lawn Mowers can be fun!

Don’t tell my boys its a chore! They enjoy ‘driving’ around the yard, and feel quite grown up doing so. Here in Idaho, youngsters get to work early on the farms and in the fields. Teens can get drivers permits when they are just 14 so they can help with the tractors. If you’ve got kids who are old enough and responsible enough to drive your riding lawn mower, make sure they follow all safety precautions. We like to make sure ours are wearing protective eye wear, nobody wants a rock chip kicked up by the mower to fly into their face.

Maintain your Riding Lawn Mower Properly

Even though we got a great deal on our riding lawn mower, it was still a big purchase for us. We like to keep it in good working order by properly caring for it, and replacing worn parts. Follow these tips to properly store your lawn mower during the winter, and check out LawnEQ for parts to keep your mower running smoothly.

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