Low Maintenance Houseplants

No matter if you live in a studio apartment or a large house you probably want plants around you. Houseplants can help to beautify a home and also provides additional benefits including cleaning the air and offering a nice fresh scent. However, not everyone has the time to maintain them. There’s work, the kids, your spouse and all sorts of unexpected things that can fill the days. So what do you do?

You can surround yourself with low maintenance houseplants. Very little needs to be done to care for them and you still get their benefits.

Low maintenance houseplants you should consider for decorating your home include:

· Snake Plant. This is ideal for the low maintenance houseplants category because you can basically ignore it as far as maintaining it is concerned. The plant tolerates low light and likes being in a pot. It features thick and waxy leaves, which is an indication that you don’t have to feed it much water for long periods of time. Do you want to take a vacation? No worries. This plant will do fine by itself.

Snake Plant
(Courtesy: A Plant Affair)

· Cast-Iron Plant. This is the perfect name for one of the perfect low maintenance houseplants. That’s because it is practically indestructible. It thrives in extreme conditions including low light and humidity and tolerates a wide range of temperatures. Moreover, it grows slowly, so you don’t have to repot it too often.

Cast-Iron Plant
(Courtesy: Reid at flickr.com)

· Kalanchoe. A kind of tropical succulent flowering houseplant, it features wide leaves and a bright so-called flapjack and is easy to grow. All you need to do is place it in a sunny spot and give it water every once in awhile.

(Courtesy: Elisa G. Fernandez at flickr.com)

· Philodendron. Blessed with green, bottle-shaped leaves, this plant is extremely tough and thrives well in low light. It is ideal for a hanging basket or when allowed to trail branches down from above.

(Courtesy: Joe Desiderio at flickr.com)

· ZZ Plant. Known as the eternity plant, it is practically impossible to kill. It features fat succulent leaves and durable fleshy leafstalks that feels and looks like plastic. It grows very slowly so you may want to start off with a big plant.

ZZ Plant
(Courtesy: Nick McCullough at flickr.com)

· Bromeliad. Similar to a pineapple, this plant generates a pink inflorescence that is mesmerizing to look at. It lasts for a very long time and often sprouts new side shoots that replace the original shoots.

(Courtesy: Marg at flickr.com)

· Jade Plant. An ideal low maintenance houseplant, this species has round, fleshy leaves that retain water. All you do is put it in a bright and airy place.

Jade Plant
(Courtesy: pixelant at flickr.com)

· Pothos. A fast-growing plant with leafy vines and multicolored leaves, this plant prospers in conditions of irregular watering and low light. The vine grows quickly producing a 10-foot long, green trail over shelves and furniture. Your only concern in maintaining it is to give it enough water.

(Courtesy: Elizabeth Levesque at flickr.com)

· Peace Lily. This plant endures low light and humidity. It features glossy, lance-shaped foliage with arched stems that surround the central spikes of flowers. The blooms are spoon-shaped in the summer. However, some versions of the plant bloom occasionally through the year. It also has the added benefit of purifying noxious substances like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the air. If grown in a large pot, it can go without water for as long as a month. In fact, it does best when under-watered.

Piece Lily
(Courtesy: Les Fisher at flickr.com)

· Begonia. This plant displays lush, green leaves and satiny flowers. It does well in humid conditions. So it is suggested that you water two to three times a week in the summer. Light and temperature are not too much of an issue. It does fine in bright, indirect sunlight.

(Courtesy: Sanda Odiatiu at flickr.com)

· Dracaena. Able to withstand extreme conditions, this plant flourishes in under-watered soil and does well whatever the lighting.

(Courtesy: hopefulauthor at flickr.com)

· Ponytail Palm. Although it is not really a palm, this plant is a succulent. People who have it in their home have called it one of the best succulents and very easy to maintain. Since it grows slowly you don’t have to change pots too often. It thrives in bright indirect sunlight and requires very little water.

Ponytail Palm
(Courtesy: Madaise at flickr.com)

· Spider Plant. A very popular plant, it does well even if you water it irregularly and can go for weeks without water if grown in cool indoor conditions. It also does well in low light and without direct sunlight.

Spider Plant
(Courtesy: imgarcade.com)

· Rubber Tree Plant. Capable of purifying the air, this plant cleanses the environment of formaldehyde and is not difficult to grow. In fact, it will thrive in a bright corner that receives just a couple of hours of sunlight. It does not like intense sun.

Rubber Plant
(Courtesy: Fernando Espuelas at flickr.com)

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