A Q and A On Kubota Lawn Mowers

A Kubota Z400 Series riding lawn mower.
(Courtesy: Kubota)

Some of the most popular products sold here at Lawneq.com are the Kubota lawn mowers. Whether you already own or are considering the purchase of this brand of lawn mower you no doubt have questions about it. What follows is a Q and A on the most frequently asked questions concerning these products.

Q: Where are Kubota lawn mowers built?
A: Kubota lawn mowers are manufactured at Kubota Manufacturing of America in Gainesville, Georgia. One thousand two hundred employees work at the facilities, which includes two large buildings that offer 616,000 square feet of manufacturing space. About one-half of all Kubota branded equipment sold in the United States is manufactured in the U.S.

Q: How do you start Kubota lawn mowers?
A: If the lawn mower is flooded, then take the spark plug out and clean. Start the mower without the plug for a second, then put the plug back in and try starting the mower again. If you don’t want to take out the plug, then wait for about 20 to 30 minutes and then try to start the mower again. However, keep in mind when starting a flooded mower with the spark plug out a gas mist or gas drops will come out. So don’t proceed with the mower parked on the grass. Be aware also that an electric start lawn mower will not start if the starter is not working properly or if the ignition is malfunctioning.

Q: How do you drive zero turn Kubota lawn mowers?
A: Zero-turn lawn mowers can mow nearly twice as fast as a conventional lawn tractor. So it is ideal for mowing large lawns. However, these mowers use a non-traditional steering and propulsion system that can make it difficult for novice lawn mower operators. Steering, acceleration, and braking are controlled by hand with levers rather than a steering wheel, throttle, and brake pedals. The best way to get comfortable driving the machine is to spend time in the driver’s seat.

Commonly, a zero-turn lawn mower is steered with two control levers. Moving both levers forward causes the mower to drive forward in a straight line. Moving both levers backward causes the mower to move in reverse. Adjusting only the right lever causes the mower to move forward or backward toward the right. Regulating only the left lever moves the mower forward or backward toward the left.

These types of lawn mowers can turn in a 180-degree radius without moving forward or backward. However, executing a turn in this manner can cause the mower to gouge out turf when it pivots. Therefore, it is suggested that you perform a three-point turn. To perform such a turn, bring the mower to a stop and then move both control levers into reverse and make the turn when the wheels are moving backward. This maneuver will prevent the wheels from locking and tearing up the turf.

According to Consumer Reports, making a hand turn downhill on a zero-turn mower can be dangerous. As a result, it is recommended that you don’t use such a mower when cutting grass on slopes greater than 15 degrees. Mow slowly when moving on an incline and avoid any sharp turns or sudden changes in direction. Mow only when the grass is dry to ensure the maximum traction and try to mow on a path directly up and down the hill. Back straight up the hill to discover if it is too steep. If you can’t back up the hill, then it is too steep for your zero-turn mower to handle.

A major benefit of a zero-turn lawn mower is that it mows at faster speeds than a conventional tractor. However, high-speed mowing can be a challenge for many operators. In order to mow at high speeds, you will need to react quickly when you stop. Moreover, the braking mechanism of this type of mower is different than a conventional lawn mower. Most zero-turn lawn mowers do not have a foot brake pedal. If you wish to brake the machine, you have to move both steering levers to the neutral position. Therefore, it is suggested that you practice driving the mower until you feel comfortable using it.

Q: How does one take off the mower deck of Kubota lawn mowers?
A: A maintenance hatch located under the platform mat offers fast access to the upper mower, mower belt, gearbox case, universal joint and oil filter.

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