Mulch With Seashells

We have discussed a number of ways you can add calcium to your soil. For example, crushed eggshells are an option that can be used to increase the calcium content of soil.

Another method to add calcium the soil is to spread crushed seashells over the soil of your garden. Not only will seashells add calcium to the soil, it also assists in making your garden beds appear neat and managed.

Organic mulch also impedes weed growth, regulates soil temperature, reduces irrigation requirement, and amends the quality and structure of the soil.

Materials You Will Need

For this particular project you will need:

• Seashells

• Saucepan or Pot

• Burlap Sack

• Hammer

• Trowel

• Garden Hose

• Water

Seashells can be acquired from a landscape material supplier. How much you need depends on the size of your garden. If it is large or you have more than one bed, then they could be relatively costly. You can also obtain seashells from a local seafood restaurant. You may be surprised how accommodating they will be and will be willing to get ride of them at a nominal price.

Clean The Seashells

Seashells as a mulch will introduce calcium to a garden’s soil.

Next, you will need to clean the seashells. The shells contain salt that will be added to the soil as they decompose and cause plants to burn.

It is therefore essential that you wash and boil the shells in a large pot of clean water.

Once the cleaning process is done, place the shells into the burlap sack, put the sack on the ground and hit it repeatedly with a large hammer until the shells are of the size you desire. You don’t have to pulverize all the shells. Small whole shells can be retained.

Bring the burlap sack with the crushed shells to your garden.

Place The Seashells

Pull any weeds out of the garden and then spread a 1-inch to 2-inch layer of crushed shells over the soil. Leave enough space around the plant stems so that they can grow unobstructed.

Even the shells with the trowel.

Water the mulch thoroughly so that the pieces interlock and prevent them from blowing away in a strong wind or washed away in a heavy rain. The shells will look like a light colored carpet that reflects the sun’s heat. This keeps the soil and roots of the plants cool.

If you wish to include compost, then spread the compost on the soil of your garden first, then spread the shells over it.

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